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ReactorFusion (RF)

ReactorFusion (RF)

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What is the project about?
ReactorFusion, a native lending and borrowing market on zkSync era, is based on Compound Finance and offers unique bribe-reward tokenomics.

What makes your project unique?
By combining these powerful elements, ReactorFusion paves the way for a clear, logical, and innovative approach to DeFi lending markets in the zkSync era ecosystem.

History of your project.
Launched as a 1st launchpad project of Velocore

What’s next for your project?
With the ambition to become the leading platform in zkSync era, ReactorFusion strives to provide the most advantageous incentives for money markets and maintain the deepest liquidity within the ecosystem. In doing so, the platform aims to transform the decentralized financial landscape and provide users with a sophisticated lending and borrowing experience.

What can your token be used for?
Most of the protocol's revenue is shared with the token holders through staking.
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