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24 Nov 2022

Wizarre’s Beta Game Release: Everything You Need to Know

We recently launched the Alpha version of our game, giving users a flavor of Wizarre’s playability and what’s to come down the line. Since then, our team has been hard at work building behind the scenes to deliver the next iteration of Wizzare.

That’s why we’re now thrilled to reveal that we’re officially releasing the Wizarre Beta game today, November 18, 2022, and it will be available until November 25, 2022! With this Beta release, we’re introducing more playable features to our users at these early stages, staying on track to deliver the early access version by December 17, 2022.

Check out our Beta here:

Get ready to rumble, as there are plenty of exciting updates coming with this version - read more below to get the full scoop on what to expect.

Key Features

Below is a list of the new features we’re rolling out with the Beta game release, broken down by categories in greater detail.


         - 6 new offensive spells (Fire, Nature, Water Touch and Fire, Nature, Water Breath)

         - 3 new ultimate spells (Mah Laser, Carrot Abundance, Onion Breath)

         - Spell reworks (Toadstool Calamity, Laser Fishrain)

         - Spell balance adjusted

         - Exhaust feature for spells (such as Beam and Breath) where Wizards can’t move or cast other spells during a spell’s casting period

         - New aiming system with magic markers to target spells

         - Casting of Wall and Teleport spells with visual representation markers for precision

         - New animation for active spells

UI & Visual Changes

         - Dedicated controls for each platform (on PC and Android devices)

         - New joystick movement for mobile devices

         - Map scrolling and zoom features

         - New animation system for Wizards to enrich the character experience

         - Queue characters now are streamed, so they have the same animations as the characters on the battlefield 

         - New animation for when characters are being defeated and avatar explosions in the queue line

         - Interactive timer with a last-second clock

         - Critical strike system and graphics (plus critical laughing for critical strike)

         - "Oak's Dream" gameplay song and “Q Song” for the waiting queue 

         - Player account with avatar & nickname

         - Enabling Guest account for users to play without a wallet

         - Upgrade to login screen where users can access their accounts via a QR code or wallet

         - "Lucky 13" free Wizard rotation where people without NFT Wizards can play with temporary free characters

         - Possibility to play with NFT Wizards (any unavailable spells will be replaced with previously implemented ones for the time being)

         - Spell hover descriptions

         - Wizard information displayed on the main menu (including spells) and during the selection process

         - New Castle map

Settings Updates

         - Bug report moved to “Settings”

         - Notifications added for “Not enough Mana”, “Giant lags”, and “Out of range”

         - Audio settings are fully enabled 

         - New matchmaking system based on an algorithm that measures the win/loss ratio to better connect players of equal skillsets and levels

         - New mode enabled to play with a friend

Get Excited for More

Developments are accelerating quickly, and we know our community is eager to start testing the Beta version of our game. It’s right around the corner, so the wait is almost over!

The launch of the Wizarre Beta version will not only lay the groundwork for what’s next but also give our team an opportunity to collect user feedback from testing. With the community’s valuable input, we’ll be able to implement updates to make the experience even better the next time around.

We hope everyone enjoys our latest upgrades and new features. Join us on our journey as we continue to march toward the full game release. You can follow us on our social media channels below to stay up-to-date:

         - Website

         - Twitter

         - Telegram

         - Discord


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