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19 Jul 2021

Why companies should accept payments in Lillion (LIL)

Project founder Ravikash Gupta introduced Lillion on Jun 2021. The project claims to be the safest, most efficient, and widely available currency that allows you to easily transfer and accept crypto payments around the world.

Lillion (LIL) is not only a token but also a platform that can provide use cases to other crypto coins & tokens. In addition, Lillion (LIL) is now preferred by new platforms for Booking travel (air tickets, hotels, homes), using in E-commerce, Gambling, etc.

With an almost perfect growth graph since launch Lilllion proves its stability as a utility token that merchants can take without any fear of loss.

and value addition (vLIL) on every purchase makes it the best place to have almost 100% discounts on products and services purchased using Lillion

The Lillion community believes that in the future Lillion (LIL) will become the most important global cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, and they are right — LIL is already gaining active momentum among business representatives. That being said, here are seven reasons why you should adopt Lillion as a payment method, or at least consider doing so:

1- Fast Transactions

Lillion saves time and money because, with LIL, transactions are processed within a second. You no longer have to wait for hours to receive funds into your bank account.

2- Access to customers all over the world

Lillion allows your business to receive orders from other countries without worrying about exchange rates. Likewise, your overseas customers will feel closer to your business if they don’t have to consider the fees associated with currency conversion.

3- Cost-effective transaction fees

Lillion allows you to make more profits because it significantly reduces the transaction costs you incur when dealing with customers. Compared to traditional banks and other cryptos, LIL gives you better transaction terms and almost no fees.

4- Secure Payments

Lillion has by far the most secure payment ecosystem in the entire crypto world. Its decentralized software has produced a safe and secure payment system for financial transactions around the world. On top of that, Tron’s blockchain prevents manipulation and protects the network from incorrect or false information.

5- An extra way to pay

There is no such thing as a lot of customers, right? Adding LIL as a payment method expands the reach of your business and allows you to take the benefits of the crypto-world. An additional payment option is unlikely to hurt your company because it benefits your business operations and gives your customers more flexibility.

6- Value addition on Purchase

There is a unique feature of Lillion which is best for merchants and service providers offering products and services at Lillion's platform, they do not need to offer any special discount in order to increase sales we have a unique feature which automatically provides discounts to each consumer in vLIL as per his/her LIL holding in the account.

7- Controlled supply

Lillion has economics behind its sustainable growth, the control supply which closes doors for speculators and big whales to speculate the price of Lillion, we have a mathematical formula applied to protect the stakeholder’s money which seems to be working for the Lillion community so far and will be as its demand will never meet the supply of Lillion.

Let’s assume you are satisfied and ready to accept payments in Lillion. What to do next? Look for the best crypto payment processor on the market — Lillion — and connect crypto payments.

Lillion is known for letting companies around the world send, receive, store, exchange, and accept crypto payments with high security. The company strives to make crypto payments for businesses simple, secure, and fast using innovative technologies developed in-house. Their main goal is to give customers access to the most advanced and transparent crypto payment services on the market. If you want to know how to set up a crypto payment gateway, contact the professionals at Lilllion.

It’s worth noting that there are more entrepreneurs who accept Bitcoin than those who accept Lillion. And the reason for this is simple —Lillion is much younger than the father of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin.


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