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03 Dec 2021

Web3 in 2021: Oracles, Wallets, Domains, and Middleware (Part I)

Quick Take

  • There is a lot of buzz about “Web3,” but it’s hard to keep apprised of major developments across the board due to the lack of a categorization system for Web3 news
  • We start to address this issue in the first part of a multipart series in which we analyze major news from four of eight major areas of Web3: Oracles, Wallets, Domains, and Middleware
  • We take both qualitative and quantitative perspectives within each of these domains to gather insights at both local and global levels
  • We conclude by discussing limitations and some ways to go about organizing Web3 as it comes into being

This research piece is available to members of The Block Genesis. You can continue reading this Genesis research on The Block.

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