11 September 2020

Walletreum Paves the Road to Financial Freedom with AI

The potential of the blockchain industry is unquestionable. More and more projects are being developed each day, all of them competing in a highly volatile market. However, this constantly evolving world also has its downfalls. The fight between centralized and decentralized protocols creates a gap in the financial world.

But where there is a problem, there are solutions. And one of those solutions is Walletreum.


What is Walletreum?

Walletreum is a hybrid ecosystem designed with one goal in mind – to pave the road to financial freedom by closing the gap between centralized and decentralized protocols. The solution comes in the form of a hybrid platform that minimizes the risks of lending and borrowing for its users while maximizing the benefits.


ALGON – The Deep Learning AI

To do so, Walletreum developed ALGON, an AI capable of Deep Learning that is scalable in terms of trading volume and constantly measures the performance of the trades. ALGON serves as a fund manager for both lenders and borrowers, helping eliminate the depreciation cost that is commonly encountered in a bear market.

Algorithm trading is no breaking news. Traditional trading platforms have been using it for years. However, the crypto market never closes, and has a higher volatility than the classic financial markets. So, a different approach was needed.

ALGON continuously measures metrics such as Sharpe, balance over time, percent winning trades, total gained before vs. after fees, and risk-adjustment gains and adapts its executions based on the ever-changing information. This empowers it to minimize the losses caused by the bear market.


Lending & SAFE Credit

Traditional lending and borrowing come with ups and downs for both lenders and borrowers. As a lender, you lock in an amount of your assets and you receive a crypto-backed collateral for your loan. As a borrower, you gain access to additional funds, but you have to pay an interest and a platform fee. On top of all, there is always the fear of liquidation.

To combat this, Walletreum created the concept of SAFE Credit – crypto-backed loans based on ALGON. ALGON plays the role of a lender, allowing users to take an up to 97% loan with a fixed 4.3% annual interest rate. Once the loan is paid out, all the assets will be returned in full, with zero cutting.

This comes as a major plus for both lenders and borrowers.

Once a lender chooses to use Walletreum, ALGON’s algorithm will constantly analyze the markets and ensure that the locked assets do not depreciate more than 9%. On the other hand, borrowers will benefit of a low interest rate with no fear of liquidation, no credit checks, and no need of KYC procedures.


Eliminating Swapping Fees with ZeroSwap

With Decentralized Finance (DeFi) gaining more popularity by the day, swapping has become a highly demanded feature in the market. But its high demand comes with some disadvantages. First off, users have to pay a high gas fee when swapping their assets. More so, most platforms only support ERC-20 swapping, as cross-chain swapping is a highly complicated process.

Through Walletreum ZeroSwap, users can now easily swap their crypto assets with no transaction costs. The first cryptocurrencies to be available are BTC, ETH, BNB, EOS, WALT, and USDT, which can be swapped in any pair on the platform, with limit. All the swapping will happen in the internal pools of the platform with virtual asset-backed tokens.


Earning a Passive Income through WALT Farming

WALT Farming is a method for users to earn passive income simply by lending and borrowing through Walletreum. Every day, the platform will distribute 4500 WALT tokens to its user’s pro-rata, based on their use. These tokens are allocated 50-50 to both lenders and borrowers, with Yield Farming going up until all the tokens are distributed.

This comes as a great benefit for both lenders and borrowers, as it allows them to generate an additional revenue stream from an activity that they are already performing.


Pushing Cryptocurrencies to Mass Adoption

To help the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, Walletreum partnered up with This partnership allows users to purchase a pre-paid card with crypto that is accepted by over 40 million vendors worldwide, including hotels, restaurants, stores, and more.

The Mercuryo card is linked directly to a user’s WALT account, and it works just like a regular credit card – with Apple Pay and Google Pay support coming soon.




Ticker: WALT

WALT Token Type: ERC 20

Total supply: 50,000,000




Hold 1000 + WALT tokens in your Walletreum wallet to avail the following benefits:


1. Zero withdrawal fees.

2. Zero fees to exit your lending position before lock period ends.

3. 20% Discount on interest fees for borrowers.

4. ALGON X3 package only available to WALT holders.

5. ZeroSwap feature is available only to WALT holders.

6. WALT farming is only available to WALT holders.




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