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19 Jun 2024

Trump reaffirms pledge to end Biden’s ‘war on crypto’ at Wisconsin rally

Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump pledged to “end Joe Biden’s war on crypto” at a rally in Racine, Wisconsin, on June 18.

Trump said he aims to “ensure that the future of crypto and the future of Bitcoin will be made in America.” He warned that other countries will seize the opportunity if the US does not.

Trump’s campaign otherwise challenged Biden’s economic policy beyond crypto. In a statement to Reuters, Trump campaign spokesperson Anna Kelly described “higher prices, lower wages, and a stalled manufacturing industry” under Biden’s leadership.

Reuters noted that the town where the rally took place is the site of a controversial Foxconn factory. During his first term, Trump credited the factory’s construction to his pro-manufacturing policies, but the site ultimately failed to deliver the expected number of job positions.

Trump asserted that his crypto strategy would “create opportunity for young people.”

Trump’s earlier crypto promises

Trump’s latest pro-crypto promises follow other similar statements. On May 8, Trump called for support from the crypto community, stating: “If you’re in favor of crypto, you better vote for Trump.”

Later, on June 7, he pledged to end “the Biden-Gensler crusade against crypto.” Trump’s statement referred to Gary Gensler, the Biden administration’s appointed SEC chair.

On June 12, Trump said he intends to have the US mine all remaining Bitcoin and claimed that such a policy would help the country build energy dominance.

Biden approach uncertain

Amid Trump’s more vocal support of the crypto industry, Biden’s competing campaign could shift away from its allegedly harsh stance toward the industry.

Biden’s campaign is reportedly seeking input from members of the crypto industry to take an outreach approach. And, following Trump’s earlier decision to accept crypto via Coinbase Commerce, Biden’s campaign could soon do the same.

However, the Biden campaign has not adopted or confirmed either course of action. To date, only anonymous sources have reported the supposed plans.

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