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30 Mar 2022

Tradon Review - The New Trading Broker in the Game

Tradon Review

The New Trading Broker in the Game

Some of the best trading platforms use dedicated software to monitor and manage different positions on the market. The broker, who acts as an intermediary, differentiates the online trading platforms. 

While many online brokers offer different trading platforms, only a few have software covering an extensive range of trading markets with different features. Tradon is a new broker that offers a diverse range of features with its software. 

As a dynamic trading broker, Tradon offers some of the best investment account options known in the financial space, with plans known to cater to both the old and young. This article will be based on how Tradon can provide the best investment options for you and why you should rely on them. 

History of Tradon Broker

Tradon is a new broker on the scene, designed to bring simplicity in trading to their costumes. It was created by a group of experienced traders with the sole mission of giving anyone and everyone a fair chance for entering the market, getting accustomed to it, and applying the knowledge acquired for trading. 

Tradon became live in 2020 and has since become one of the most sought-after brokers on the online trading scene today.

This broker is managed by Ingenue Consulting LLC, a St.Vincent and the Grenadines-based licensed firm with license number; 1360 LLC 2021. 

Their Goal

This broker was created with the idea that fast execution is a crucial factor. Making sure that traders enter the market when they have determined based on their technical analysis is the foundation of Tradon. 

Make You a Better Trader

As one of the fastest-rising trading brokers today, Tradon provides services that ensure you as a trader become a professional at trading. With their specialized services to give you that high leverage in the market, becoming a pro has never become easier with the features Tradon provides.

Here are some reasons why Tradon is rapidly becoming a household name in the trading scene. 

Trading on Different Assets

Tradon offers an excellent range of assets to trade on. These assets, including forex, indices, commodities, and stocks, are among the highest traded in the market. If any of these assets are in your interests, this broker is the right option for you. 

Superb Trade Experience

It’s not just enough to offer different assets for you to trade on. Tradon offers a robust support system to make your trading experience smooth while using the software and platform. In addition to the different assets, you can access the financial calendar via the economic calendar. Using the calendar, you can mark important events, which will serve as a reminder to guard against the market trends. 

You also have unrestricted access to the comprehensive data tables to help you draw a stable financial trading plan. As you trade, news on the financial markets and related industries are updated on the screen. You can also set a more determined watchdog on your screen, including watchlists and other measures to offer real-time guidance. 

Expert Guidance

Not many trading brokers are patient enough to go through the fundamentals of trading markets. Like many platforms, the financial market is a complicated arena that wrecks many traders. 

Tradon understands this is a crucial problem faced by many enthusiasts and have dedicated an entire section to make sure their customers get the rudiments of the market, ensuring the basic concepts of the markets, down to expert strategies and tips. 

At Tradon, it is understood that newbies and even advanced traders may have issues trading on their own and have decided to provide more knowledge to make you a better trader than you were before signing up on the platform. 

Different Order Types

Tradon offers several order types on their trading software, including the usual market offerings (limit, take profit, trailing, and stop orders).

In line with their vision to provide fast market execution, Tradon has a specialized add-on where you can close positions from the positions page. You can monitor market trends, place your trades immediately, and close them with a powerful engine that never lags. You can now choose your preferred trade size and enter the market immediately with the touch of a button. 

If you want, you can change the layout of the trading window, rearranging the charts and symbols to give you more access to control your trading session in your personalized mode. 

Different Trading Accounts to fit your Budget

As part of its vision, Tradon is willing to give everyone to dive into the financial markets with varying budgets. You don’t just start with your capital alone; there are also incentives when you choose a trading account to start with. 

Cent (€250): This is the lowest trading account to start with. There are 500 trading instruments begin with, and it comes with a 20% welcome bonus. In addition, the leverage is set at 1:100, which is a perfect start for newbie traders. 

Pro Trader (€2,500): This account is suitable for traders who believe they have grasped the basic concepts of the financial markets and are ready to step further. The Pro Trader comes with a 25% welcome bonus, leverage of 1:200, and up to 1,500 trading instruments. 

Prime (€25,000). This account is for the big swing traders who want to enjoy the full benefits of Tradon platform. With a 30% welcome bonus, 1,700 trading instruments, and a 1:300 leverage, it’s a top trading account that is perfect for a big account holder.

Why They Got into The Trading World

The message is clear for the over 400 thousand active traders currently subscribed to Tradon: They wanted to provide an easy-to-access platform that introduces a fast execution of trades without missing a single pip. 

It must be also important that with the experience of loss of customers’ funds, they wanted to allow customers to trade with the knowledge that their funds are protected. With the top of the shelf SSL, banking standard security protocol, and storage of funds in different bank accounts, Tradon customers can be assured that they are protected from internet fraud.

In addition, it is necessary that traders are protected from being liquidated by the market. This is why they offer negative balance protection - this serves as a safety net that warns clients if their portfolio is in danger mode and will kick them out of their positions when they reach a certain point.

Get Started Today

For everyone at Tradon, it is necessary that customers do not lose more than they gain from the market. Thus, the experienced and reliable customer service team at Tradon is always available to protect you by responding to your inquiries and complaints and receiving your comments/suggestions. 

Tradon has a dedicated email address for technical support, another for compliance-related matters, and setting up of an appointment. 

Tradon’s transparency policy ensures that players are capable of getting statements of account at any time, without hindrance. 

If you want to experience a whole new dimension of trading, you can sign up today and begin to get expert tips on how to navigate the market. With a proper guidance, you can begin to fulfill your trading dreams today.


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