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30 Mar 2022

The introduction of KRYZA network, the crypto social platform

KRYZA Network is an upcoming crypto project with the mission to increase the adoption rate of cryptocurrencies. KRYZA is currently in development phase but various applications are coming out day-by-day to provide its users an unforgottable experience using KRYZA Network.

The first and main platform is the so called KRYZA Network. This social network is using general trending functions of other social sites while it ensures its users that crypto is here and unstoppable. Also on KRYZA Network, users can stake their purchased KRN tokens available currently on HotBit Exchange.

Sign up here:

The second platform is KRYZA Education. KRYZA Education is an e-learning platform that concentrates to the student – instructor relationship. It aims to be a site where everybody could find the course they tend to learn about. With several offers, KRYZA Education presents deals like completely FREE courses WITHOUT REGISTRATION, Premium courses and a Premium subscription where users are allowed to get crypto trading tips and other useful advices.

The best thing in all this? All the income KRYZA has, a certain % is shared between those who stake their KRN tokens at KRYZA Network!

Visit KRYZA Education here:

Last but not least, KRYZA Exchange is also under construction! It means that they are developing the first 2 in 1 application that would be a ’social crypto exchange’. As the world’s first social crypto exchange launches, we except to see a skyrocket on the KRYZA tokens charts.

KRN is the token of KRYZA Network. It is stakeable and it is available on HotBit, while the other token, KRX is the token of KRYZA Exchange, available on UniSwap or IndoEx.

They are tokens but not for a long time… KRYZA is developing its own Blockchain and when it is finished, these coins will fulfill their purposes and become an inevitable asset in everyone’s portfolio.


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