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08 Dec 2021

SwinCoin - a funny meme or a powerful token?

Meme currencies, which are inspired by Internet memes and current events, are gaining traction and demonstrating that memes still have full power and control over society today as a crypto asset. But what if we want to have a community and a strong cryptocurrency, not just something fun to gain some money from? This is when SwinCoin enters the scene.  

SwinCoin on the meme market 

After the success of meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba, the meme market began to take shape and develop differently. At first, meme coins were created just for fun, but after they grew to a large capitalization, projects started thinking about further development. SwinCoin comes to bring a fresh and interesting perspective on meme cryptocurrency.  

Today we can see that the largest meme currencies haven't achieved any remarkable success except for crazy capitalization. SwinCoin wants to show that meme tokens can be funny and grow into a strong cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency is supported and propelled by the powerful community behind it, which popularized the project in the first place. And besides the core development team, one of SwinCoin’s essential elements is its enthusiastic user base. 

With SwinСoin, you will be utilizing a portion of it in staking rewards, allowing investors to sell them or do with them as they see fit. The remainder will be reserved for the platform itself. Once launched, that reserve will be used in the rewards system, ad payments, revenue split for content creators, system utility, and so much more. There’s also the potential of minting SwinСoin depending on how our staking system fares and if the reserve might deplete at some point. 

Much more, in the ever-changing global economic situation and political landscape, cryptocurrencies without a community can only helplessly fight for their survival. 

Why has SwinCoin piqued investors' interest? Regular investors are interested in new low-cost currencies that could one day take off "to the moon" and make a substantial profit, while hedge funds and venture capitalists invest in Bitcoin's steadily rising price. 

SwinCoin Dreams 

SwinCoin aspires to create a future ecosystem led by a super-team, and you may be a part of it from the beginning. 

After achieving all of the milestones within a small-time frame, you can join the upcoming ecosystem and invest in the future of SwinCoin from the very beginning. The coin is listed on over 10 CEX platforms, including Coin MarketCap and CoinGecko. The main goal of the team is to make SwinCoin known across the world.  

One of SwinCoin’s values is the desire to constantly develop. In the near future, SwinCoin is planning the release of its NFT. Afterward, they’re going to work also on another exciting feature, the DEX implementation. 

Enjoy the SwinCoin community

SWIN has so much in store for the future! Besides its friendly approach, the Swin Coin platform can offer you an opportunity to invest and be part of a community. Because every member is essential in a community, each Swin user will help decide the project’s fate.  

Enjoy the Swin community group and make them proud by reading more about their projects:

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