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05 Dec 2023

SafePal CEO says its time for Web3 to mature, advocates for shift in focus – Interview

In an industry where innovation and disruption are the norm, Veronica Wong, CEO and Co-Founder of SafePal, offers a refreshing yet provocative perspective on the evolution and future of Web3. With a blend of realism and foresight, Wong dissects the Web3 landscape, emphasizing the need for a strategic balance between pioneering spirit and pragmatic application. Her insights challenge the status quo, advocating for a shift from the speculative, high-risk environment that has characterized much of the crypto and Web3 space, towards a more structured, user-centric approach.

Wong’s viewpoints extend across various facets of the Web3 ecosystem, from the necessity of deconstructing and rebuilding certain technologies for genuine progress, to a call for a reorientation towards real-world utilities over metaverse-centric projects. In her candid interview, she lays bare the complexities of regulatory compliance, sustainable business models, and the escalating competition among wallet providers. Through her experienced lens, Wong envisions a future where transparency, security, and user education are not just ideals, but integral components of a matured Web3 world.

With a decade of experience in the tech industry and a front-row seat in the evolving Web3 space, Wong’s insights are not just reflective but also forward-looking, offering valuable perspectives to both veterans and newcomers in the crypto world. Her interview is a compelling read for anyone interested in understanding the underlying currents shaping the future of Web3 and the role of innovative platforms like SafePal in this dynamic landscape.

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