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31 March 2020

Returns vs. BTC in March: Bitcoin remains strong but a few small cap assets shine

March was not a kind month to…well, anyone, let alone the crypto markets. The anticipated repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic led investors in crypto and stocks alike to flee to the safety of the dollar.

Bitcoin, as a result, is down almost 25% in the last 30 days. But BTC price has seen a significant recovery since it dipped below $4,000 on Mar. 12. While Bitcoin did not react as an uncorrelated, safe-haven investment as some had expected, it has held up better than most other large-cap assets in its class.

But there were a few small-cap coins that have outperformed Bitcoin (and the dollar) significantly over the last month. Considering their relative obscurity, it’s hard not to question why the price of assets like Streamr and Numeraire has doubled (and in Steamr’s case, quadrupled) in terms of satoshis.

While not discounting a potential increase in real user demand, both projects are amid major product releases, which tend to have a positive impact on token price. Streamr is close to releasing the first stable version of its product, a decentralized marketplace for data streams.

Numerai, the project behind the asset Numeraire, launched its long-awaited marketplace for information, called Erasure Bay, on Mar. 10. Numeraire is also relatively illiquid with less than $200,000 in Real Volume over the last 24 hours and, therefore, modest market movements can have an outsized impact on price, at least compared to most large and mid-cap cryptoassets.

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