25 June 2020

Protect your cryptocurrency from the most skillful hackers

Despite the cryptocurrency blockchain being protected from hacking, which prevents counterfeiting of transactions and thus theft of coins, attackers have invented many other ways of appropriating other people's crypto money. Often this becomes possible due to the theft of personal data of cryptocurrency holders stored on various crypto services and wallets due to the requirements of KYC\AML.

Data from more than 200,000 users of cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets and applications appeared on sale on the darknet. The database contains names, real addresses and e-mails, phone numbers. Presumably, hackers sell accounts and related confidential information obtained as a result of hacking the official Ethereum forum in 2016.

Hackers who broke into the Ethereum forum claim that they also stole the data of users of hardware wallets Ledger, Trezor and KeepKey, which were obtained as a result of bugs of the Shopify platform where the devices are sold. In turn, companies representatives completely deny such information and do not recognize the fact of the leak.


Is it safe to store crypto on hardware wallets?

There are several hardware wallets such as Trezor, Ledger and KeepKey, which are often recommended to users for storing a large number of Bitcoins. Instead of storing Bitcoins on different crypto platforms or on exchanges where they are controlled, it is much safer to store crypto in a system where there is no such supervision, and users themselves have full control over their funds and private keys.

Widespread advertising of the practicality and benefits of using hardware wallets over cryptocurrency exchanges or online wallets for storing Bitcoins has increased the demand for safe and popular products like Trezor.

However, does the use of hardware wallets guarantee the safety of your money? Researchers have found a way to hack Trezor's popular hardware wallet. In just fifteen minutes, they managed to get seed phrases from their wallet that allow them to access cryptocurrencies. And although this method only works if the hacker has physical access to the wallet, obtaining such access was not so difficult even before the sale.

You can crack a Trezor wallet using a cheap set of equipment. The attack exploits the flaws inherent in the microcontroller used in Trezor wallets. Having carried out an attack with a power surge, hackers can extract keys from the wallet, and therefore take possession of the entire coins stored on the wallet. This vulnerability relies entirely on the hardware side of the wallet. The structure of the chip makes the wallet vulnerable to attack in the event of a power failure. According to experts, it is not intended for safe data storage.

Ledger devices store cryptographic grain in the Secure Element chip. The two most popular models of these wallets are equipped with two main chips. One of them is a special microcontroller for storing confidential cryptographic data like those chips that are used in SIM-cards, bank cards and smartphones with support.

The second chip is a general-purpose microcontroller that solves peripheral tasks, such as controlling a USB connection, display, buttons, and so on. He acts as an intermediary between the Secure Element chip and the outside world, including the user. For example, each transaction confirmation by a user goes through a general-purpose microcontroller.

But even storing cryptographic grains in a secure chip did not make the Ledger completely invulnerable. Although cracking a Secure Element chip and stealing cryptographic seeds is extremely difficult, a general-purpose two is much easier. If you compromise it, you can make the wallet confirm transactions by cybercriminals.

Hardware wallet Ledger Nano S can be reflashed with a compromised version by writing a specific value to the desired memory address. The developers of Ledger protected this address from writing by blacklisting. However, it turned out that the chip allows a change in memory addressing, which means that in the memory cell you can assign another address that is not included in the black list.

The Ledger Blue model turned out to be vulnerable to attacks on third-party channels. Due to the design of the circuit board, it emits quite distinguishable radio signals when a user enters a PIN code. Researchers recorded these signals and set a machine learning algorithm on them, which learned to recognize them with high accuracy.

Hardware wallets can be accessed through the supply chain. They are relatively easy to modify and compromise the party before selling. Manufacturers of hardware wallets are looking for ways to solve this problem by applying protective stickers on and offering users can check the security of their wallets on special sites. But such measures do not provide a guarantee of security.

Do not be mistaken in thinking that they can't be hacked in any way. It is better to take measures to protect your crypto. Buy hardware cryptocurrency wallets only from reputable suppliers, carefully check the packaging and device for signs of interference. If possible, it is worth opening the device and making sure that there are no extraneous elements on the board.

However, the most effective way to protect your digital assets will be to hide the fact that cryptocurrency has been transferred to the wallet. To do this, you can use a reliable solution in the form of entangling transaction traces using the Bitcoin mixing service.


A reliable way to ensure crypto security

The principles of Satoshi Nakomoto will be respected if you protect your information from the interference of third parties. For this, your cryptocurrency must be anonymous. If you cannot avoid KYC\AML procedures, since most exchanges and other platforms are now obliged to require this from users, then with the help of the Bitcoin mixer you can ensure anonymous withdrawal of your coins to a safe wallet, which means that nobody knows it.

In order to reach the owners of large enough amounts in crypto assets, criminals and others use the analysis of Bitcoin, that is, transactions in its blockchain. Having tracked where you transferred your money, they will try to steal it from you, regardless of what it is stored on. As you can see from the examples above, even the most reliable solutions in the form of hardware wallets cannot guarantee complete protection against theft of your digital currency.

One of the most reliable and efficient Bitcoin blenders is BitMix.Biz, where you can mix Bitcoin, Litecoin and even Dash coins, will ensure a complete break in the chain of your transactions, splitting the transaction into many different ones and mixing many times between the transactions of other users in one of the largest pools. As a result, you will get trace-free coins from different transactions on the wallet that you consider the most suitable for storing your money.

In most cases, professionals from the crypto world will definitely use Bitcoin mixing to protect their crypto assets, since most often they deal with large amounts of cryptocurrency, which attracts attackers.

Be careful when choosing a Bitcoin mixing service, since many can leave you without money either without ensuring proper anonymity, or in some cases simply by assigning your coins.

You can be sure of the safety of your money when you use the BitMix.Biz service for mixing cryptocurrencies, which has several ways to confirm your reliability. For example, you can verify its authenticity using the key 1BitmixQRMUHYYEi11KBRhSfACa1BtcZrZ, which ensures that the Bitcoin address belongs to the service. This becomes especially relevant in the light of the fact that BitMix.Biz has a lot of fake copies that attackers are trying to use to gain profit or simply deceive the crypto holders.

You can also read about BitMix.Biz numerous reviews on well-known information platforms covering the life of the crypto community, to make sure that the BitMix.Biz mixing service really helps people protect their cryptocurrency and privacy for several years in a row.

Another and probably the most convincing argument for the reliability of the BitMix.Biz mixer is the presence of tens of thousands dollars  deposits on special sites, which were created to guarantee users compensation in case of fraud. Contact the service by email specified in the basement of the BitMix.Biz website for more accurate information.

For maximum security, use the TOR network by accessing BitMix.Biz at bitmixbizymuphkc.onion or use versions without a JavaScript. So, together with a variable commission from 0.4% to 4%, confusing traces, with a delayed transaction, increased randomization of clearing crypto from tracking and the lack of storage of transaction logs, you will receive maximum security of your cryptocurrency, due to its complete anonymity.

Among other things, there is the opportunity to earn money on BitMix.Biz affiliate program, as well as use the public API key to allow visitors to your site to ensure anonymity and security of settlements with you.


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