17 Sep 2021

Pros and Cons of advertising through a crypto ad network

Today, advertisers are faced with a vast number of options when it comes to digital advertising. Depending on a niche, display ads can be launched via the industry leaders like Google Ads, top social media platforms, as well as specialized ad networks that concentrate on a single industry. Crypto ad networks form part of the latter. They further expand marketing options for blockchain and non-blockchain advertisers and letting them reach the $2.2 trillion crypto community. But just how good are they and where do you start?

Reaching the right audience is often the deciding factor when it comes to marketing campaign success and we intend to help you with this by evaluating how effective crypto ad networks can be. Is it the right choice for your business? Are there benefits that mainstream ad platforms cannot provide? Let’s find out because crypto ad networks are much more than just a marketing vehicle for crypto and blockchain-related projects.

What is a crypto ad network and crypto advertising?

You may be aware that the behemoths of the display ad industry like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and others were pushed by the regulators to ban any kind of crypto advertising. Such a move was not helpful to the development of the crypto industry but it did carry a few benefits. It aided in blocking scam projects from thriving on the market of high demand for everything christened as a token, blockchain, and decentralization. 

This gave rise to crypto ad networks. In short, you can think of them as Google Ads but for the crypto world. Unlike the mentioned conventional service provider, crypto ad platforms help companies that operate in the blockchain space to advertise their products and services by distributing ads to crypto-related and general publications. Hence, advertisers get access to the blockchain audience, whilst webmasters have a chance to earn from the crypto-related traffic their websites attract. 

How does a crypto ad network differ from conventional ad platforms?

The main difference lies in the field crypto ad network specialize in. If Facebook Ads and the rest of the suspects have incredibly broad coverage, crypto ad platforms typically service the blockchain industry. This means that advertisers get access to the audience groups that are primarily interested in the crypto medium.


“Cost efficiency is where niche ad networks thrive. There is simply no room for clicks and impressions that will miss your target audience”. 

Matvey Diadkov, CEO of Bitmedia crypto ad platform


Whilst some see specialization as a disadvantage, in reality, these ad distribution platforms are known to have higher conversions than the conventional broad coverage platforms. Other advantages include:

         - Ads are shown on high-quality websites (bad ones do not exist yet)

         - Access to an at least $2.2 trillion market

         - Highly engaging audience

         - 24/7 support with real people who can advise on targeting and banner design

         - Straight-forward user interface

         - One-stop marketplace for a crypto marketing campaign

It is also important to note that crypto audiences do have other interests apart from crypto. This is usually a finance savvy bunch. One that is open to new technology, knows its way around investing, and appreciates decentralization, which in turn is applicable to every industry on planet Earth. 

Top crypto advertising platforms

Needless to say but akin to the blockchain itself, the crypto advertising market experiences immense growth, accompanied by more and more platforms trying to conquer the market. 

Nevertheless, there are a few leaders that need to be mentioned:

         1. - This is one of the most established platforms in the space and one that helps blockchain businesses grow since the early days of cryptocurrency. Think Google Ads of the crypto world. The platform boasts a wide variety of bitcoin advertising tools, including CPC and CPM campaigns, in-depth targeting, frequency capping, price floors for webmasters, and attentive support that is always there to advise and help. 

         2. - Another example of a good streamlined interface and quick ads execution. Despite slightly high starting prices on ads, Cointraffic's standard range of display ad types is complemented by pop-under banners that are usually displayed when visitors are about to leave the site. 

         3. Ad-Dragon - One of the latest arrivals to the market. The network boasts its own DAX token that can be exchanged for user engagements. Similar to decentralized apps in the space, you register with your Metamask wallet, which is an easy job for blockchain advertisers but may be a hurdle for companies outside of the space, willing to reach the audience in question. 

Are crypto ad networks for you?

To get the most out of publishing display ads through a crypto ad network, an advertiser must decide whether the product or service fits the crowd. Since we already know that the blockchain crowd’s interests are not limited to crypto-only, the range of applicable products is usually extensively wide. 

Personality traits of the crypto audiences:

         - Opportunistic and idealistic

         - Open to new technology

         - Traits of herding

         - Acquainted with finance, investments, banking, trading and just about everything else that concerns money

         - Quick learners

         - Decision-makers

         - Retail investors

Final words

Over the past few years, niche advertising platforms have shown nothing but strong results. Crypto advertising is no different, and it is clear that 5 years into this specialized marketing space, we are still to see further flamboyant growth. Interestingly enough, these platforms do not limit themselves to crypto customers only, offering unmatched access to the crypto community and those who are taking the first dip. Is it the right marketing path for you? Well, it all depends on the line of business you are in, but one thing there is no mistake about is that this might just be where all your conversions are.

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