01 June 2020

OmiseGo Rebrands to OMG Network & Joins the Messari Disclosures Registry

We’re excited to announce that OMG Network (originally established under the brand name OmiseGo) has joined the Messari Disclosures Registry. As a participating project, OMG Network has committed to transparency by providing regular project disclosures and updates.

OMG Network is a Layer-2 scaling protocol for Ethereum that aims to achieve higher transaction throughput at lower costs while leveraging the security guarantees of Ethereum. OMG Network is predicated on the creation of a child chain that batches transactions before committing them to Ethereum. The child chain relies on the root chain as the trust and arbitration layer. With this type of relationship, if something goes wrong with the child chain, users’ funds should remain safe. The protocol's token, OMG, is the primary method by which users can pay for transaction fees and interact with the network.

OMG Network just launched its V1 Mainnet Beta, which aims to eventually scale Ethereum to thousands of transactions per second while simultaneously reducing transaction fees by one-third. Additionally, they’ve also launched a demo mobile wallet and a blockchain explorer that lets users search for transaction histories and wallet addresses on the OMG network.

Learn all about OMG Network’s history, roadmap, team, token, launch, technology, security and governance on their Messari asset profile page. You can also learn more about OMG Network at

Look for an update from the OMG Network team during our “Proof-of-work” session at Mainnet by Messari - get your tickets today for the ultimate virtual event!

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