20 Sep 2022

Next Axie Infinity? – How MetaBlaze (MBLZ) can Become Next Best Play to Earn Gaming Coin

Blockchain technology is reshaping the future, infiltrating its way into each and every industry. One industry rapidly adopting blockchain technology is the gaming sector. Play-to-earn crypto games are currently taking precedence in the minds of new and professional gamers. The revolutionary type of gaming enables participants to play crypto games and earn money for their active participation, in addition to maintaining complete ownership of digital assets.

Gaming is a huge industry and it’s only getting bigger. Even if you’re not an avid gamer, play-to-earn crypto projects bring unique investment opportunities to purchase crypto coins or NFTs supplied by the gaming platforms. Non gamers hold or trade these digital assets within a sector of crypto poised for skyrocketing growth, and new Web3 gaming firms like MetaBlaze are forging much needed change and sustainability to the P2E GameFi sector.

MetaBlaze is taking on a new approach to gaming with its sustainable future plans. With this, they are focusing on implementing unique game-balancing and economic features that will support sustainability for gamers as well as investors long term, all of which integrates with iconic storytelling. MetaBlaze is seemingly aiming to provide something different from what’s offered by top crypto gaming platforms like Axie Infinity.

This article reveals a critical comparison between MetaBlaze and Axie Infinity in terms of their mechanism, structure, tokenomics, gameplay, and rewards. It also depicts how MetaBlaze can become a top play-to-earn crypto gaming platform that will be on the lips of all gamers and investors. Without further ado, let’s set the ball rolling!

General Overview of MetaBlaze and Axie Infinity

The 2020 bull run in the cryptocurrency market provided incredible opportunities for GameFi projects to showcase their true potential in the markets. They created blockchain games where players can play for free and earn crypto. Some projects went further by creating NFT and Metaverse games to excite gamers and investors.

Regarding play-to-earn crypto games, Axie Infinity has been very popular among gamers in the crypto and gaming industry. Launched in 2018, Axie Infinity became a free-play-to-earn game that united players from all parts of the world. Its rise to fame was especially evident when gamers in developing countries like the Philippines saw it as an opportunity to make more money. However, Axie Infinity has been in a downward spiral as of late.

However, MetaBlaze came into the spotlight as a new entry gaming project in early 2022. With its reimagined play to earn economy, MetaBlaze aims to avoid the death-spiral of inflationary emissions commonly seen with play to earn gaming tokens. Furthermore, unlike many blockchain gaming projects, MetaBlaze isn’t leaving its investors to hold tokens with no existing game to play, with mere promises of “sometime soon.” Instead MetaBlaze begins with launching a series of NFT games (mini games) that will immerse participants into its story and play to earn ecosystem, navigating through the rich storytelling of the peoples of Galaxia Blue. All whilst leading up to its pinnacle – MetaBlaze’s RPG (role-playing game). 

The MetaBlaze game world is set in the mysterious and dazzling depths of Galaxia Blue, according to the MetaBlaze whitepaper, its “Where the story becomes the ecosystem.” Once a thriving galactic utopia, it was left devastated after an obliterating nuclear explosion caused widespread devastation. The entire population divides amongst various factions who fight for survival of their species.

The world of Galaxia Blue has unlimited potential for expansion. With new cybernetic races and planet systems waiting to be discovered, players are given an opportunity at limitless adventure in the depths of space without boundaries in their journey! Their stories will live forever within this vivid virtual reality.

MetaBlaze will immerse players in a fully 3D virtual reality world where they can explore, adventure, and battle their way through an interstellar experience, building their worlds along the way. The earlier installments of mini NFT games and iconic storytelling will all come together in MetaBlaze’s flagship RPG (Role-playing game) built on Unreal Engine. 

Tokenomics and Mechanism

Axie Infinity provides gamers with its native currency, $AXS, to interact within the ecosystem. The $AXS token is a form of reward when players defeat other players, sign up as new users, or make in-game transactions. 

However, despite the early success of $AXS in the crypto market, the tokenomics of Axie Infinity had a significant flaw and the token became hyper inflationary. In addition, developers were constantly making changes without listening to the feedback of their community of crypto gamers and investors. This issue became more obvious when the game developer, Sky Mavis, tried to build the Ronin sidechain as a probable solution to fix congestion issues and high gas prices of the Ethereum network. In the end, hackers exploited this sidechain for $600 million.

On the flip side, MetaBlaze re-imagining a play to earn crypto economy, providing robust foundations to optimize stability and sustainability and top-tier game balancing. Going against the grain by not rewarding players with the native $MBLZ token, MetaBlaze removes the inflationary emissions commonly seen across play to earn crypto reward coins. Instead, participants of the MetaBlaze gaming metaverse can play to earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Solana & more. An additional incentive unique to p2e, and puts more value in the hands of people.


Axie Infinity game was a Pokemon-inspired blockchain game. This NFT game provided intriguing NFT creatures that gamers would breed, raise and use in battle to earn $AXS. 

MetaBlaze plans to immerse gamers by launching a series of NFT games that gradually introduce gamers into the ecosystem and become more immersed with each iteration of the journey. This initiative also allows MetaBlaze to master game balancing before launching its flagship Role-Playing Game (RPG).

Interestingly, this flagship P2E NFT game is expected to have stunning 3D graphics, epic storytelling, and engaging gameplays. Based on the look of MetaBlaze NFTs – GameFi is in for something special! Players can happily immerse themselves in this open-world P2E crypto game and earn money. MetaBlaze is set to offer the best-developed plots, missions, and stories ever created in a P2E game. Additionally, this metaverse game enables players to generate resources, forge alliances, build an empire, battle against their enemies, and earn cryptos and NFTs.

The MetaBlaze community appears to be more than ready to dive headfirst into the world of Galaxia Blue. What makes this group so unique, and what will make it an invaluable asset for both the gamers and developers alike? The friendships that are formed within this community could very well turn out not just as alliances between empires in game but also some true companionship along your journey through the cosmos, of all that’s Galaxia Blue.  

Final Thoughts: MetaBlaze is Set to Become the Future of P2E Gaming

MetaBlaze is advancing to become the future of the play-to-earn ecosystem. As seen from its innovative mechanisms, scalability, tokenomics, and reward structure, gamers will certainly get the best gaming experience they could ever ask for in MetaBlaze.

Finally, it is important to note that the MetaBlaze presale is ongoing for its native $MBLZ token, with over $3.2 million raised of its $4M hard cap. More so, MetaBlaze offers a 5% $MBLZ bonus for all $MBLZ token purchases during the presale. In addition, for those who acquire $2,500 or more $MBLZ will receive a 3D MetaGoblinNFT as an additional bonus.

To enjoy this unique P2E platform, what can you do? Join over seventeen-thousand community members in the MetaBlaze Telegram channel or actively participate in the MetaBlaze crypto presale and be among the thousands of investors and gamers ready to get started in this new and exciting evolution of play-to-earn gaming. You can learn how to buy MetaBlaze here.


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