13 August 2020

Narkasa: Creating a better trading experience for cryptocurrency traders

Narkasa has rolled out its cryptocurrency exchange with enterprise-level security features, targeting professional and retail crypto traders. The exchange has been recognized by, a crypto exchange ranking platform, for its highest level of security standards. Narkasa exchange features a super-fast trading engine, simple user interface, and 24/7 customer support.

Narkasa is built with the purpose of addressing the security concerns surrounding cryptocurrency trading. The cryptocurrency exchange follows a multi-level security standard, which prioritizes the implementation of proven security products only. Narkasa undergoes periodic security audits conducted by independent international security firms to adhere to the highest security standards.

Narkasa cybersecurity standards include up to date server networks, distributed databases, cloud server systems, automatic backups, and protection from DDOS attacks.

The exchange has implemented several security measures at the user-end as well. Narkasa uses a combination of online and cold wallets as an additional level of protection. Users can choose between multiple security options, including password update, anti-phishing code identification, device authorization, and Two-Factor Authentication.

- Anti-phishing code: Narkasa uses a unique anti-phishing code for all of its users. Every email from the exchange will include the anti-phishing code, acting as an additional sign of authentication.

- Device authorization: Users can authorize a given number of devices to access Narkasa servers. The system will not provide access through unauthorized devices.

- Two-Factor Authentication: Narkasa provides three Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) options, including Google 2FA, SMS authentication, and YubiKey authentication.

In addition to its enterprise-grade security measures, Narkasa excels in providing speedy trade execution. The exchange offers fast execution time for ETH, BTC, and ERC20 tokens. Narkasa uses an advanced trade engine to achieve shorter trading times. Its trading engine can match thousands of transactions per second.

Narkasa matches its security and quick-transaction speed with equally competitive user experience. Its trading platform comprises multiple analysis tools, allowing traders to choose from hundreds of custom indicators and matrices. Narkasa offers a customizable trading interface, allowing different users to personalize their trading screens in accordance with their requirements. Narkasa offers a history tab, enabling traders to track their financial history, account transactions, and trading history.

As a platform designed for global users, Narkasa offers support for more than 12 languages. Its customer support team is available 24/7 for addressing any user concerns. Users can access chat support, telephonic support, and ticket-based customer support for their queries.

Narkasa offers a streamlined customer onboarding experience. New users can set up their account and start trading within a couple of hours. Any new platform user can create an account and upload relevant documents for KYC/AML verification. Once the account is approved, the user can deposit funds in local currency. Narkasa provides quick wallet credit for domestic as well as foreign currency transfers. After the balance is credited in the user wallet, the user can start buying, selling cryptocurrencies.

In its effort to provide a seamless trading experience, Narkasa supports mobile trading for both Android and iOS devices. Users can load funds, trade cryptocurrencies, and transfer crypto assets into third-party wallets with Narkasa mobile app.

Narkasa aims to become one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges across the world. Its executive and core development team has created a system architecture that is suitable for quick scaling.

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