21 Jan 2022

MYL issues their own series of NFTs taking their community rewards to the next level!

2022 has come on strong and exciting things are happening this year!

MyLottoCoin wrapped 2021 with groundbreaking milestones and this is just the beginning of a big year of innovation, partnerships and mass adoption!

It was with the listing of MYL in top tier European exchange, WhiteBIT, when the team announced big news coming on their way. Less than a month ago, in the AMA session held through the exchange, they disclosed their big surprise for the beginning of this year.

MyLottoCoin represents a truly rewarding lottery. The bridge between the traditional world and blockchain is taken to the next level. 2022 is said to be the turning point in mass adoption of the crypto world. By offering a unique lottery where players feel like home through a traditional way of playing, MyLottoCoin puts the cherry on top by offering a unique reward program. Their well designed community centric native utility token is a gem if treated well, introducing a new way of Play2Earn with potentially unlimited quarterly rewards.

If that were not enough, their upcoming NFT collection is the crown jewel! The NFT scene has been a hot topic and is rapidly taking over the crypto space. To raise their bet, MyLottoCoin is issuing their own series of NFTs to take their community rewards to the next level! An initiation scheduled for January 2022, that came as a surprise to their community, paves the road to their big milestone “Lucky Tickets NFT Marketplace” planned for Q2, 2023, in which old physical lucky tickets of traditional lotteries that have won big will be turned to NFTs in partnership with their traditional lottery organizers.

With 3 initial tiers for their first NFT issuance that is expected to be released in late January 2022, DApp players and their native token, MYL, holders, will get a chance to obtain these NFTs by meeting some criteria. It all comes down to the game, the only way to truly win thanks to this uniquely rewarding lottery! And now, players can even win NFTs!

In line with the DApp topic, the issued NFTs will represent different world’s famous lotteries, from the most ancient to the young ones! Rumor has it they’ve counted on a very special collaboration in one of their tier NFTs, but we will leave that to the team to disclose!

MyLottoCoin is ready to keep exceeding expectations and their NFTs are bound to be the start of a big year of success!







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