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29 July 2020

Mainframe acquires Sablier with plans to build defi bond system

Mainframe has acquired Sablier, a “money streaming” protocol built on Ethereum. For Mainframe, this acquisition solidifies the protocol's pivot from a decentralized messaging platform to a DeFi service provider. Mainframe will leverage the Sablier protocol that allows for continuous payments on the Ethereum network, to roll out a first of its kind zero-coupon bond system. This bond system will enable borrowers to tokenize debt by depositing collateral to mint tokens with minimal latency. These tokens represent debt obligation, which lenders can purchase at a discount and later redeem for face value.

The acquisition includes more than just the protocol, Sablier Founder Paul Razvan Berg is joining the Mainframe Team. The addition of an experienced DeFi protocol founder and developer is a valuable asset for the newly Defi-transitioned Mainframe team. Mainframe is planning on maintaining and servicing current Sablier finance products, which have 1,000+ monthly Users.

Why it matters: - Mainframe has underperformed expectations in the past two years following their February 2018 private token sale that raised 17 million dollars. In combination with the protocols shift to DefI, this acquisition of Sablier allows Mainframe to create a foothold in the rapidly expanding market for lending platforms. - The demand for DeFi products is rapidly scaling as developers and team rush to ship new products to market. The launch of a high-speed, low collateral bond system will allow both lenders and borrowers to access purchasing power and discounted rates almost instantly using the underlying “money streaming” functionality of the Sablier protocol.

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