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05 February 2020

Lightning Labs Raises $10M Series A to Be the ‘Visa’ of Bitcoin

Lighting labs announced today a $10 million Series A led by Craft Ventures. The raise coincides with the beta launch of its financial product, Lightning Loop, which aims to help merchants manage their payment channels more effectively. Lighting Loop is a non-custodial on and off ramp used to move funds between the lightning network and Bitcoin.

Why it matters: - To date, a limitation of the lightning network is that users are limited to transacting with each other according to the number of bitcoin they initially deposited into a lightning channel. With Loop users will now be able to transfer more than that initially deposited amount. - Lightning Labs previously raised $2.5 million in 2018 from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, former PayPal COO David Sacks, and Litecoin creator Charlie Lee. Lightning Labs has now raised $12.5 million to date.

March was not a kind month to…well, anyone, let alone the crypto markets. The anticipated repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic led investors in crypto and stocks alike to flee to the safety of the dollar. Bitcoin, as a result, is down almost 25% in the last 30 days. But BTC price has seen a si...
HIVE Blockchain Technologies, an Ethereum miner listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, has announced its acquiring 30MW of hydroelectric power at a leased facility from Cryptologic Corp for $4 million CAD, or around $2.8 million USD. The acquisition will be used to diversify the companies revenue by ...
With the recent market turmoil most large cryptoassets saw their year-to-date (YTD) returns turn negative. Bitcoin is now down 15.85% while Ethereum is down 0.95%. The two outliers, BitcoinSV and Tezos had seen dramatic jumps in price earlier this year leaving them still in the green YTD. Messar...

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