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24 Jun 2022

KRYZA Holding Level Up!

1) KRS, the native token of KRYZAswap has been launched! Unbelievable APRs! FARM, STAKE are available now and swap AGGREGATOR soon!

2) KRN airdrop and Net-Buy and Trading contest from middle of June until July! 15.000 dollars prize!

3) KRYZA tokens integration planning to KRYZA Diamond coin – KRD on KRYZA blockchain will start on the 24th of June!



Dear Cryptofriend!

KRYZAswap (hereinafter KRS) token has been successfully launched on KRYZA’s own swap!

At the same time, the opportunity has arisen to farm KRS, where you can currently increase your number of KRS tokens at 7,287% APR.

Other farmable tokens will soon be available in the farm section, so you will be able to choose to farm the tokens you like the most.

Mining will also start soon, with a separate video to help you make the most out of this fantastic opportunity!

Even more! The swap AGGREGATOR will start soon, so when you want to swap, it will search for the best exchange rate from all of the possible swaps!

Try our swap now: KRYZA SWAP

KRYZA Network, KRYZA’s own social site has been upgraded, it is totally based on crypto for crypto fans and soon we will launch a Tik-Tok like profile as well

Try it here: KRYZA NETWORK

The leads to our KRYZAswap page, where information about KRN, KRX and KRS are available in English for all users.

KRYZA Education is the KRYZA’s educational site where you can pay with crypto for trainings, analysis etc.

Try it here: KRYZA Education


KRYZA is currently developing a number of community games and programs so in the near future you can fully enjoy the KRYZA experience! For instance on HOTBIT there will be an enormous airdrop in June, even more there will be a Net-Buy contest and a Trading contest as well! Lastly, during the contest the price of KRYZA will rise from 0.0000001 to 0.00000025! Let’s try it for yourself!

Try it: KRN on Hotbit


KRYZA Sound - Listen to EARN will be launched soon, not only as a music / podcast app, but also as the first innovative application for emerging stars where we reward the production of music and podcasts with cryptocurrency.
The lucky audience will earn cryptocurrency, since they will also mine cryptocurrency while listening to music and podcasts.

Moreover, KRYZA Holding will be further improved!

The integration of KRYZA tokens to KRYZA Coin will start on the 24th of June. We plan to release KRYZA Coin on KRYZA's own blockchain.

The KRYZA blockchain will provide full interoperability between existing blockchains, and KR NETWORK, KR SOUND, KR EDUCATION and KR SWAP and will also use the KRYZA blockchain as a WEB 3.0 project. The data will be stored in the block chain in duplicate fragments and access permissions will be based on a smart contract.

According to the development plans, the launch of the blockchain is scheduled for the spring of 2024 by transforming the applications that use it.


It is an amazing opportunity to invest cheaply now and ride the next bull market!

KRN BEP20 contract: 0x4e6d79cddec12c229d53b38c11b204bcec1188854
KRX ERC20 contract: 0x93ad9b819C88D98B4c9641470A96E24769Ae7922
KRS BEP20 contract: 0x52647ff91bd3d1476ea9abde2ced73bf713d8b71





KRYZA Education

KRYZA Sound - Listen to EARN

KRN on Hotbit


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