21 May 2020

Kin Foundation publishes annual transparency report

As part of its ongoing registry participation, the Kin Foundation released its first annual transparency report. The transparency report gives a complete view of the activities of the Kin Foundation, including the allocation of the Kin Reserves, and the progress against strategic initiatives.

Why it matters: - While projects are young and their foundations hold a large influence over the project, it is integral for the foundations to be transparent about their activities to inform their communities. - The Kin Foundation holds a substantial amount of the Kin supply, which can materially impact markets. Disclosure around what the foundation is doing with its holdings allow investors to build trust with the foundation. Check out the report here.

The Kin engineering team has submitted a proposal to migrate Kin from its current Stellar-based chain over to Solana. Kik Iterative Inc., the creators of the Kin cryptoasset, said that Stellar’s five-second block times and limited metadata space within transactions were unsuitable for Kin’s user exp...
Crypto exchanges Bittrex and Binance have (reluctantly) agreed to support Steem hard fork 0.23, which seized the assets from 64 former witnesses (totaling 23.6 million STEEM). These witnesses reportedly led the creation of Steem’s contentious clone, Hive, back in March and blocked current Steem supp...
25 May 2020
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #79
Inside last week's 13% range, three bearish daily candles were able to take the price 10% lower to close the week at $8,715. This level is approximately the same as the previous week's close. Will it hold as support? Meanwhile, the altcoin marketcap has been relatively stable, with the week's starting and ending price hove...

3 coins to keep an eye on 👀