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19 Jul 2021

JRNY CRYPTO joins HYVE Advisory Board

Just as promised, we are doing our best to achieve HYVE’s global dream of inclusion and borderless collaboration. To do that, though, we need a strong team and valuable advisors to help us and walk with us on this road up until its very end.

The first in a long series of announcements is that Tony, also known as JRNY Crypto by most, will be joining the HYVE Advisory Board. We are excited to have him on board due to his marketing expertise. Tony is also undertaking 1-year vesting as all other HYVE Advisors, a vote of confidence in the long-term existence and improvement of HYVE.

JRNY has evidenced his commitment to our team. We are confident that his valuable knowledge will help HYVE scale faster and become more widely accepted by people who are just now finding out about crypto.

Tony (known in the public space as JRNY CRYPTO) joined our team to help us reach broader audiences and make collaboration accessible for everyone. He runs a 500k subscriber's YouTube account, covering Bitcoin, altcoins, Blockchain, fintech, and finance.

His predictions are based on tech data, relevant news, and facts; therefore, his industry knowledge is quite vast. This is one of the reasons we closed this partnership based on trust and know-how.

As you can all see, HYVE is constantly growing. Keeping our promises is one of the core values at HYVE, so thank you all for having patience and confidence in our team.

We have more exciting announcements coming up ahead, so stay tuned!

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