11 February 2020

JPMorgan in talks to merge blockchain unit Quorum with startup ConsenSys

Reuters reported today that JP Morgan is in discussions to merge its blockchain unit Quorum with Consensys. The deal is likely to be announced within the next six months according to sources. JPMorgan has been considering spinning off Quorum for around two years.

Why it matters: - Since April of last year, Consensys has sought up to $200 million in funding to move beyond being self-funded by founder Joe Lubin. A deal with JP Morgan would likely involve Quorum merging into Consensys with JP Morgan injecting some capital into the combined entity. - The news comes just a week after Consensys revealed its second restructuring, laying off 14% of its employees and simplifying its business into software and investment arms

11 September 2020
The Sushi Chronicles
*From the Messari Daily Newsletter: subscribe * It’s been described as the world’s first legal billion dollar heist. However, it wasn’t a bag of cash that was stolen. It was liquidity. The SushiSwap drama has all of the makings of a Michael Lewis novel, featuring a sci-fi corporate takeover that w...
The potential of the blockchain industry is unquestionable. More and more projects are being developed each day, all of them competing in a highly volatile market. However, this constantly evolving world also has its downfalls. The fight between centralized and decentralized protocols creates a ...
07 September 2020
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #94
It's been a rough week for the bulls as Bitcoin plummeted over 18% through critical support near $11,100. Bears call for targets down to 7k while bulls call for targets at 12k. Still, traditional markets are likely to determine the outcome. Meanwhile, the altcoin marketcap suffered a 23 billion loss from $155 billion to $1...

3 coins to keep an eye on 👀