25 Aug 2020

How To Gain Extra Privacy While Spending Bitcoin and Ethereum

Cryptocurrencies are a popular target for hackers. Hackers have found it easy to hide their tracks and erase their footprints on digital platforms. Unfortunately, digital currencies remain unregulated, leaving investors without legal backing when hacked. 

There are numerous ways a hacker can gain access to your spendings and steal your crypto. One of them is leaving credentials on different websites while spending cryptocurrencies on shopping online. 

If losing cryptocurrency isn't enough reason to secure extra privacy, consider third parties tracking your spending without consent. While cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are pseudonymous, they can lead straight to your real-life identity with enough effort. The thought of unknown entities following your transactions and knowing your financial business is alarming enough to take due precaution.

This article will discuss various ways to increase privacy when using your cryptocurrency. It will also address the bitcoin mixer platform and how it can offer investors more privacy when spending bitcoin and ethereum.


Ways To Increase Privacy When Spending Ethereum and Bitcoin

Below are five ways you can use to get extra privacy when spending ethereum and bitcoin:

Create New Cryptocurrency Addresses

Cryptocurrency addresses are secure identifiers that facilitate crypto payments. You should not reuse cryptocurrency addresses because this will decrease your privacy, making you a target to hackers. Moreover, creating new addresses for your ethereum and bitcoin is free, easy, and fast.

Do Not Use Your Regular Email For Cryptocurrency Account

It is wise not to use your regular email for your cryptocurrencies. You should create a different email account for cryptocurrencies. When you do this, even if your regular email gets hacked, these attackers will not find any personal information about your cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it will be hard for outsiders to hack your cryptocurrency accounts.

Put Your Private Keys and Codes Offline

You should not save your private keys and your other sensitive codes online because they will be vulnerable to hackers. When you keep your keys and codes online, outsiders can't get your details, and hence it is difficult to steal your bitcoins and ethereum.


A VPN is a digital network that offers privacy for your IP address. When signing in to your cryptocurrency account, VPN gives you privacy and anonymity by hiding your IP address. Using a VPN provides you with extra privacy when spending your bitcoins and ethereum.

Coin Mixing

Coin mixers make your coins fungible and obfuscate the source of your coins. Coin mixers also keep your details private. Bitcoin Mixer is one of the best coin mixers available.


Bitcoin Mixer is a service that provides you with anonymity and privacy when spending your bitcoin and ethereum. It obfuscates the source of the transaction and hides your personal information from the public to protect you from hackers. Bitcoin mixer has the following outstanding features:

Stores data on uncompleted transactions only

Bitcoin Mixer does not store information on your completed transaction. It only has information on your uncompleted data to ensure no outsider is monitoring your information with an ill motive. This way, it is safe to spend your bitcoins and ethereum without fear of theft.

Bitcoin mixer does not keep logs

Bitcoin mixer does not keep records of the user's activity. All of the activities in the bitcoin mixer are not traceable. In this case, there is privacy when spending bitcoin and ethereum.

Does not keep users' emails

Bitcoin mixer does not keep emails of the people using the platform. Emails are deleted after 24 hours of opening, thus ensuring a high level of privacy for your funds.

Does not collect personal information

Bitcoin mixer does not save your data, including your cryptocurrency addresses. Utilizing bitcoin mixer services, therefore, maintains your anonymity when spending your bitcoin and ethereum.

Bitcoin mixer is automated

This coin mixer does not need human assistance for it to operate. After operations are complete in the bitcoin mixer, all the information gets deleted. All this is for privacy and anonymity purposes when using your coins.

Advantages of using Bitcoin Mixer

Bitcoin mixer offers mixing services for the top cryptocurrencies, unlike other mixers that only mix bitcoin. These top cryptocurrencies are ethereum, litecoin, and bitcoin. 

Bitcoin mixer platform charges a fee of 2 to 5% for each transaction. The platform offers a competitive commission which encourages you to use the bitcoin mixer. It is, therefore, affordable to use the bitcoin mixer.

The mixing process of the cryptocurrencies is also effortless. Bitcoin Mixer offers a clear layout which enables you to spend your bitcoin and ethereum with ease.



Privacy is essential when spending cryptocurrency, and it is your responsibility to protect it. Taking an active role in handling your cryptocurrency and who gets access to your information is the first step. 

Platforms like are at your disposal to disconnect your crypto from your real-life identity. As a fully automated system, you are assured that no employees can manipulate the mixing and steal your funds. Furthermore, you get new coins quickly; therefore, you can often repeat this process to hide your identity. Be proactive about your privacy and avoid the schemes of hackers ready to rob you.


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