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06 May 2023

How People Are Using Bitcoin for Crowdfunding

Bitcoin is gaining traction as a reliable currency for various financial applications. Find out its usage in crowdfunding. 

Although Bitcoin is still nascent, it has already proven a unique potential to account for a wide range of financial transactions. Crowdfunding is one of the areas where Bitcoin is swiftly gaining traction. Crypto crowdfunding works almost like conventional crowdfunding but benefits both donors and recipients. That's because crypto is regarded as property, implying taxpayers can qualify the donations as tax-deductible charitable contributions. 

Bitcoin crowdfunding enables entrepreneurs and organizations to use a wider pool of domestic and international donors who prefer to donate through blockchain. However, many people still need to understand how crypto crowdfunding works. The following article examines some leading crowdfunding platforms and how they use Bitcoin to meet their goals. 


This US-based crowdfunding platform emerged in 2017, offering comprehensive solutions for open-source software development. It operates as an on-demand platform for developers who want to secure multiple forms of funding for their projects. It offers features such as fundraising, hackathons, tips to developers, and project search functions. Its open-source platform empowers developers to work on multiple languages, including JavaScript, Design, Python, and Rust. The wide range of projects to contribute to means donors have numerous options on where to donate. 


QuantmRE is also a renowned crowdfunding platform that focuses on real estate. It allows investors to build their portfolio of assets based on micro-investing crypto in return for property equity. That also allows investors to combine crypto with more stable real estate markets. Besides, property owners can set themselves up to receive investments and attract more value to their property by allowing Bitcoin holders to invest in them. That creates a reliable way for real estate owners to invest in Bitcoin without buying the tokens. Visit on Quantum AI's website if you are looking to buy Bitcoin using reliable trading platforms


Tallycoin is a straightforward crowdfunding platform offering easy, no-fee donations to users without any requirements for formal account registration. It even allows donors to donate anonymously, without the risk of donation freezing, ensuring that investments go directly to the intended causes. All the donations go to the user's crypto wallet. All you need to do is to list your reason, add your wallet information and wait for secure contributions to accumulate. 


CoinStarter is one of the most robust crypto-based crowdfunding platforms. It boasts a community-driven structure that allows donors to feel more intrinsically tied to the projects that they support. Although users must register as members to invest, the platform will enable causes to create their subscription models for revenues. Thus, members must pay a monthly fee to access CoinStarter's community, and donations are also subject to transaction fees. However, the platform is simple enough for even non-crypto users to create individual crowdfunding campaigns. 


GameFi is one of the largest Initial Game Offering development platforms for crypto enthusiasts. It is an ample space that can facilitate funding for Web3 games in multiple ways. Investors can buy tokens in IGO projects and purchase in-game assets for the projects they love on the platform. GameFi facilitates crowdfunding investments for games in various ways, and users can also access the pools through tokenized systems or ticketing. 

Blockchain technology makes Bitcoin crowdfunding a safe and secure way to raise capital. Experts say crypto will eventually become the currency of crowdfunding as many people adopt cryptocurrencies in financial transactions. The crypto crowdfunding industry is still developing, but its future looks bright, especially for community-funded projects. Nevertheless, take the time to learn how it works and the platforms you can use for your cause.


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