05 October 2020

Fantastic crypto gambling sites – and how to find them

Gambling has been around for thousands of years, and we can’t see how it could possibly disappear. It’s in human nature to accept challenges, to feel the adrenaline because of uncertainty. It feels so good when you win something that’s so rare.

You feel special, powerful, or the favorite portrayal – lucky.

And the most interesting part is that gambling evolves with every generation, adapting to the actual people’s needs and interests. In our case, we talk about a generation who wants to feel free and also secure.

And with that being said, crypto gambling is the newest and most exciting form to bet in 2020.


What is crypto gambling about?

If you are not familiar with cryptocurrencies, find out that they are practically digital money, but they are part of a decentralized network based on blockchain technology. In simple words, there’s no central entity that controls money accounts. You are the only one who can manage your income. It is also very hard to hack crypto accounts, since everything is encrypted.

And since this new technology offers anonymity, independence of government and banks, as well as security, the gambling world welcomed it as soon as it came out. That means there are especially a lot of bitcoin casinos, Bitcoin being the first functional cryptocurrency in history.

You can find them both in physical and online form, but considering this hazardous year, we recommend trying crypto gambling online.


What sites should you choose?

Given the fact that there are hundreds of crypto gambling sites, choosing a single one is not simple. But if you take into consideration the A.F.B., it should be way easier. 

A - Authenticity;

F - Friendliness;

B - Bonuses.

It’s not difficult to make fake platforms, and sadly the internet is full of them. This is why you need to do a little research and look at the reviews, at the amount of prizes, and don’t hesitate to scan for viruses.

It is also extremely important to choose a site easy to work with. Better lose money because of the absence of luck, not because you pressed a wrong button.

And finally, after you carefully filtered your options, take a look at what bonuses they have for players. Because one of the benefits of online crypto gambling is that you can earn passive income just by entering in the game. There are sites who double your prizes, offer cash backs, or even free spins.

If you look at the top rated crypto casino sites, you will find some of the following:

- FortuneJack;

- 7Bit;

- Casoo;

- KingBit;

- Trueflip.

Those offer users up to 200 free spins, and even an amount of bitcoins or fiat currencies as a welcome bonus. And if you don’t want to make massive research to choose the best option for you, we recommend using websites that can help you compare them – such as Crypto Casinos.



The way gambling evolved is very intriguing, because its flaws are starting to disappear. Now we don’t have to worry about how much of our winning will transform into taxes. And we don’t have to deal with unfair games, since the players’ identity is hidden. It’s a shame not to try such an interesting and secure way to increase your income.

And yes, they are some risks, but without them let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a challenge.

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