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14 Jul 2020

Determine what you want to achieve from Bitcoin trading by setting short-term and other long-term goals.

Determine the acceptable risk size in your estimate of each Bitcoin trade and the amount that you want to risk in general. Determine the risk-reward ratio, so you know how much potential profit you need to justify your possible loss.

Choose the markets you want to trade-in. Do you want to start using Bitcoin only in your trading, or want to test more?


Do your research

Before you start Bitcoin trading, you must make sure that you are aware of the events and news related to Bitcoin to be able to predict the direction of this digital currency.

When it comes to interpreting bitcoin behavior, Bitcoin or Japanese candlestick charts can be an essential chart to stop. Previous data can help understand how the Bitcoin market moves; timeframe comparison will provide a more accurate look at emerging trends and patterns. Use bitcoin trading app to be successful in bitcoin: here


Select the entry package

Once you decide on making your deal, you will need a trading platform, web trader platform or mobile platform to perform this procedure.

Determine the size of the transaction you will trade; you can also define your closing conditions and set a limit to close your position in the event the markets move against your area. Another deadline to close your deal when the markets move in your favor. Use the orders/orders available to you in the trading platform as a stop-loss order, a profit-taking order, or pending orders: a purchase order or a sell order. These orders will help you in the process of managing the risks that you make on your account.

If you are expecting a rise in bitcoin price, then you can buy, if you think that its price may decrease, and then you can make a sale.

You can close your position by making a deal opposite to the deal you entered in, for example, if you purchased bitcoin, you can make a new sale but with the same size of the agreement that you entered into the purchase, and in this way you have closed your deal.

It is essential to understand how trading Alpetkoan, but if you need some help the MetaTrader platform 5, is one of the most common platforms in trading Alpetkoan, provides trading Alpetkoan platform computer and platform Web Trader and mobile phone platform Android system and mobile phone system IOS platform access To a wide range of digital currencies, stocks, exchange-traded funds and other assets.

History of Bitcoin Cash - in November this year, the network again split. This time, Bitcoin Cash created a creation known as Bitcoin SV (Satoshi's Vision). At Bitcoin Cash, people are dealing with Bitmain. Supporters of increasing the block (from 32MB to 128MB) went to the second camp (BSV). Unfortunately, this fork was preceded by civil war for Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency users. Increasing the block size indefinitely is not a solution to the growing popularity. At least, in our opinion ;) And what do any web readers think about this?

The fact that virtual currencies cannot be considered a currency under Polish law also results in the fact that the provisions of Polish law that directly refer to this concept do not apply to them. By way of example, two particularly important cases may be mentioned. According to the Foreign Exchange Law, regulated currency exchange operations only refer to the currency as defined in the Foreign Exchange Law. Thus, a literal reading of the Foreign Exchange Law concludes that buying and selling Bitcoins will not be a regulated currency exchange activity. Tax regulations regarding exchange rate differences are another example.


Is Bitcoin electronic money?

The association of Bitcoin with electronic money is a fundamental concept - a concept known to polish law. According to art 2 point 21a of the Act of 19 August 2011 on payment services (from now on UUP) the first part of the definition referred to corresponds to the nature of virtual currencies - these are monetary values stored electronically.

Creating Bitcoins is complex, and in practice, anyone who takes care of the mining above process can lead to it.


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