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19 May 2021

DBX: Security, decentralization, and equal rights

They say that there is nothing left to be invented on the blockchain niche. And, everything that is being created today is just improvements or enhancements of the already existing platform. However, time, experience, and examples of some companies prove us the opposite.

Nowadays companies are creating technological solutions, based on the blockchain, as well as their own tokens - the so-called digital assets. They create an enormous ecosystem, combining all the best characteristics and safe qualities.

The DBX Company is the living example of such an ecosystem, based on the most secure and reliable technologies on the principles of blockchain.

Most users and investors of digital tokens still have issues with safety and speed of transactions. This issues can only be relied on those companies that not only carry out the whole cycle of this technological process, but also are full members of the digital ecosystem.

The project of The DBX Company is a decentralized digital asset based on the principle of «Proof-of-Stake» (PoS). The key principle of its ecosystem is the fast service of digital infrastructures.

It is the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) that lies at the basis of DBX asset, which means it is the proof of ownership and one of the most important factors of any modern digital environment, based on the blockchain technology.

The second most important safety factor for any technological company is the Software. In this factor DBX has had some great success. The experts of the company have put the emphasis on algorithms, which carry out key tasks effectively.

Quark Algorithm

It functions as the main gateway. The system, built on the Quark algorithm, consists of 6 parallel hashing processes of hashing. In order to successfully attack Quark, all the 6 algorithms that are secured separately must be hacked.

The Quark Algorithm maximally stabilizes the functionality of the ecosystem. If one of the 6 algorithms fails, the system does not stop working. The failed hash-funtion will be replaced by another, without productivity loss.

The Zerocoin Algorithm

The zDBX protocol based on this algorithm provides anonymity. Zero-knowledge proofs are used in the system. Privacy is reached due to the mining of special tokens. They are used only in the pool and are not connected to any address.

The updated version of the Zerocoin protocol is used in the DBX blockchain. It is set to prevent the binding of any transaction or address to a separate user, which completely protects against tracking.

The flow of information is split between a few nodes, each of which processes only their part of data. They do not have full access to one another.

Zero-knowledge confirmations provide protection against hacker attacks and “dirty coins”.

As a result, the DBX Company managed to create a system, where there is:

- high productivity, with minimal delay and a great number of transactions per second;
- wide scale;
- low level of energy consumptions;
- irrevocability of transactions;
- high level of protection against attacks.

The ecosystem will not be complete without the reliable digital assets!

Algorithms, generating DBX-tokens

The network itself checks and confirms all the transactions without third parties.

Mining of DBX tokens is different from regular mining by the PoS consensus. It doesn’t require expensive equipment and is low energy consuming.

Every minute one block is formed and 6 DBX coins are released. 5 of these coins are used as rewards and are sent to powerful servers, those of masternodes. One coin is sent to the “superblock” reserve which is essential for the network’ growth.

And there are no noticeable restrictions on cryptocurrency mining.

Time flies, and in our days every investor should understand when to join engaging and reliable projects. The key is do it as fast as possible- to enlarge their portfolio and save time.

The DBX project attracts investors due to its well-thought instruments of saving.

The investment fund is the basis of the DBX ecosystem and is available simultaneously in a lot of cities on a few continents: Moscow, Tokyo, Dubai, and other world capitals.

The following financial and other services are available in each office:

- e-commerce merchant,
- crypto-service ATMs
- investment instruments for working in financial markets;
- card processing.

In this way, the DBX ecosystem offers the following advantages:

- wide range of opportunities combined with unprecedented security;
- a secure system, which is nearly impossible to hack;
- attractiveness both for investors and common users.

The popularity of the ecosystem will definitely affect the price of DBX coin. The key is to manage to get on the train that heads towards the financial independence and confidence in the safe future.

Please find more information on the official site of the project:


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