29 May 2021

Coreto's Phase II goes on with a new website and a new exchange listing

While going through its “Phase II” stage of development, Coreto is slowly unleashing its potential by making strong and stable moves, building the project that aims to become the basic platform of an entire industry.

The reputation-based social platform built on blockchain - Coreto - is now officially listed on ProBit Global with the COR/USDT pair, being the fourth exchange on which people can buy/sell the COR Token.

This action represents just one of the steps the team has established in the development plan, which aims to bring COR and Coreto to the attention of a broader audience that is passionate about technology and cryptocurrencies.

In addition to the well-known benefits of listing on a new exchange, ProBit opens Coreto's doors to the Asian market - one that is known to be fast-growing.

Even more great news

Entering a new market is just one of the actions that the Coreto team has planned for this period.

Just one day before listing on the new exchange, Coreto launched a new website, paving the road to further development actions.

The new website was built according to Coreto's new design language (CDL) and it comes with an improved UI/UX, an info center, and an updated roadmap.

The implementation of CDL shows an indisputable evolution of the project, which is currently in the first stage of Alpha testing.

By taking after a modular approach with reimagined graphical components, the new Coreto Design Language will promote a sense of recognition to all the stakeholders, throughout their journey within the platform.

The implementation of CDL is more than a branding exercise. Besides grabbing the user's attention through a refreshed look, the design language ensures consistency on many levels, starting with an improved user experience on the platform.

Phase II and beyond

One of the main changes that took place during Phase II was the metamorphosis of the brand, which materialized through CDL and a new website.

The modular approach embraced by CDL is planned to radically cut down the time required to create and launch new features. With clearly defined components in place, the development team won’t have to be stressed about the looks or spend time perfecting the user experience for each new release.

By cutting short the turnaround time, CDL will put Coreto in a position to keep up with the continually advancing technology and community needs.

What the future holds

Being at an early stage, Coreto still has many features to be released. The development plan is structured in "phases" and includes numerous small milestones.

During his most recent AMA session, Coreto’s Head of Development shared the goals the team is focusing on in the near future:

“We are working on adding new content options (beside SOOPs), adding more interaction between users, and expanding the core systems for trust and performance, in order to prepare for new ways to build and grow your reputation.”

Currently, the Coreto platform is in Phase II of its Alpha testing with a limited number of users. Those who want to be part of the next batch can reserve their spot as the registration process continues.


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