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26 May 2021

Carl Icahn hints at investments in the crypto space, says ‘I’m looking at the whole business’

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn is eyeing the crypto space, according to a Wednesday interview, though he appeared to demur on the idea of making direct purchases in the immediate future.

Icahn cited both bitcoin and Ethereum in an interview with Bloomberg, remarking that "While I don't now own cryptocurrency but I think there could be something to it."

After pushing back against criticisms that cryptocurrencies have no value, Icahn was pressed on whether he is weighing any involvement in the market. To this, he told the outlet:

"I'm looking at the whole business. I'm not looking at what to buy necessarily at this time. I'm just looking at the whole business and how I might get involved in it with Icahn Enterprises in a relatively big way, because I do think it's here to stay in one form of another."

When asked what "a relatively big way means," Icahn replied: "Well, a big way for us would not be to buy a few coins or something.... I don't believe in trading the market if I can help it."

Asked about the specific dollar amount, either in hundreds of millions or billions, Icahn said: "A big way for us, you know, a billion dollars, billion and a half dollars, something like that. That would e sort of a big way, I guess, for us. But sometimes we go bigger than that, sometimes a lot smaller, so I'm not going to say exactly."

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