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30 Mar 2022

Built on Binance Blockchain, Crypto Freelancer dApp, Timerr, Poised to Release Major New Functionalities – the platform billed as the world’s first Web3 and Decentralized marketplace on Binance Smart Chain for vetted, crypto-specific freelancers – is poised to release a major new iteration of its platform on March 31.

Whereas the freelancer decentralized application (dApp) had hitherto been operating in beta, the reboot will herald several functionalities that promise to vastly elevate the user experience. These improvements include:

         - Seamless email notification system.

         - Slicker payment flow that makes use of secure escrows.

         - Sophisticated rating and review mechanism.

Also being rolled out is a “dispute” portal that will formalize the arbitration process for any disputes that may arise between clients and freelancers, while also allowing Timerr users – clients and freelancers alike – to keep abreast of the status of any ongoing disputes.

Accompanying these developments will also be a thorough UI reboot: in particular, this overhaul promises to resolve prior onboarding issues for prospective freelancers.

A lynchpin of the platform is the Timerr Choice program which comes with NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens), which spotlights freelancers whom the Timerr team deem to be of exceptional quality. The rebooted platform will grant these elite freelancers’ greater visibility, thereby offering prospective clients better purchasing clarity, while also incentivizing service providers to strive for Timerr Choice status. 

This major new release come in the wake of Timerr’s recent announcement that it is allowing the first 200 crypto-related services who pass their internal vetting process to list for free – an ongoing initiative that is quickly allowing Timerr to populate its platform with talent. Run by veterans of the crypto space, the Timerr team in many respects stands uniquely placed to effectively screen applicants and thus deliver quality for clients on their platform.

Timerr also represents a unique prospect for investors, given the avenues for passive income made available to holders of the Timerr tokens. Not only do holders receive reflections in both Timerr and BUSD tokens, but they also receive a percentage of all platform fees.

According to, there was a greater than twofold increase in global crypto users between January and June 2021 (that is, 100 million to 221 million) – and adoption has continued at an astonishing rate. 

As crypto freelancers flood into the space to satisfy a growing demand, Timerr looks poised not only to capitalize on these trends, but also to be on the forefront of the movement to professionalize the crypto space as a whole.


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