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14 Jul 2020

Bitcoin and how to trade it to make the best investment

Investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has become a common thing among traders and investors around the world. When it comes to bitcoin, there is no doubt that it is the most used, traded and invested among all other cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will discuss Bitcoin and its origins and ways to benefit from it with the best and easiest way to invest, suitable for all categories of investors, whether beginners or experts.

Bitcoin is a virtual electronic currency that is only traded online, without being physically or tangible like other currencies like the dollar and sterling. It is used in online transactions and is not controlled by any central authority or banks.

Bitcoin relies on thousands of computers around the world that validate transactions and add more Bitcoins to the system.

The first trading price between this currency and the dollar was published, and 1 Bitcoin was $ 0.001.


Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin trading on brokerage firms' platforms in the Forex market is the easiest and fastest way to achieve success from investing in the first digital currency in the world Bitcoin. It is only necessary to open a trading account with a brokerage company and download the trading platform to the device used for trading, whether it is a fixed computer or a laptop or even a phone. That is through mobile devices platforms.

And traders follow the easy practical steps of opening a trading account and then making buying and selling transactions on Bitcoin against the US dollar, which was symbolized on the trading platform, like this BTC-USD.


Why do digital currencies trade with FXCM?


Competitive spread for bitcoin

One of the lowest virtual currency spreads in the industry is the bitcoin spread offered by FXCM - sometimes as much as half of its competitors. Spread numbers are taken from the UK's most prominent competitors and are valid to our knowledge on May 27, 2019. Please search for the relevant CFD website for the assumptions or basis used in the spread account. Please note that rollover fees may change from one broker to another as not included in this comparison.


Leverage availability                                                              

Sufficient leverage up to 4: 1 is available. Control the size of the trading center of your choice, which will require only a quarter of the funds. Also, use leverage to trade at a 1: 1 ratio. The decision is up to you.


Trade your way

Open buy or sell positions - there are no restrictions on market direction. Are you looking to convert your trades into automatic trades? Our cryptocurrency can handle your automated strategies: here is how


Difference contracts or physical, digital currencies

Let us resolve this controversy for you. CFDs provide speculators with advantages they will not find in the physical crypto markets. These advantages can be listed as follows:

Eliminate the hassle of dealing with digital wallets or hardware wallets.

If you are buying and selling real cryptocurrencies, you will need to decide whether to leave your cryptocurrencies with your provider. If you choose to go it to the provider, you are at risk of losing your digital currencies if their site is hacked.

CFDs are regulated financial products, a feature that is not available with digital currencies. For the trader, this means that the company he is dealing with is subject to control by regulatory agencies, auditors, and oversight bodies on implementation quality. When trading CFDs, you can be sure that you will get the best available rate as one of the regulatory requirements. On the contrary, there is no guarantee in this regard when dealing with physical, digital currencies.


Better platforms

We have tested our platforms under extreme operating conditions and are under development over 20 years of FXCM history. Our platforms also have more robust and versatile functional capabilities than the new trading platforms used by cryptocurrency companies. You can also trade any cryptocurrency product you want, regardless of the currency you hold in your account. For example, your GBP account can open long positions on the BTC / USD without owning the US dollar. This feature is not available even on major crypto exchanges.


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