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02 Apr 2021

Apple Music alum joins Ledger to head its NFT division

Crypto hardware wallet provider Ledger has hired a former Apple Music executive to head its non-fungible token (NFT) division.

Parker Todd Brooks, former head of dance and electronic artist relations at Apple Music, will oversee and expand Ledger's storage offerings for NFTs.

NFTs are digital certificates tied to unique art pieces. They have grown significantly in popularity in recent months.

Specifically, Brooks will focus on bridging Ledger with the artist and NFT communities and developing NFT management products.

"You can already store your NFTs on your Ledger," Ledger's chief experience officer Ian Rogers, also an Apple Music alum, told The Block. "And with the rising popularity of NFTs, we have an increasing demand from people to improve the NFT experience in Ledger Live."

Rogers did not comment on how specifically Ledger will improve the NFT experience for users, but Brooks told The Block that the firm will create "useful yet simple and beautiful products."

"I’ve spent my career serving the artist community," said Brooks. "And with NFTs, there is an opportunity to reimagine how art and music are created, sampled, and managed while simultaneously addressing the security issues in storing NFTs on internet-connected devices."

Rogers said NFTs are here to stay.

"As we are living more and more of our lives at a distance, living off of Postmates, Netflix, Zoom, and Amazon Prime, is it any wonder we are turning into digital collectors?" he said. "NFTs tap into innate human traits: collecting, patronage, and sharing."

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