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20 Sep 2022

5 Questions to Edwin Perklin, Creator of the Bitcoin Spawn Arbitrage Bot with a 100% Weekly Return

Have you ever wondered why smart contracts are called "smart"? Are they really as "smart" as they are called? Are they as smart as humans? You know the answer: if a smart contract is an algorithm that operates under predetermined conditions, then it is more "executive" and "trouble-free" than smart.

And neural networks — are they smart? Rather, yes. Although neural networks are not as smart as your neighbor who bought BTC in 2011, they are still able to "think", offering creative solutions to a person.

And what happens if you combine the speed of smart contracts and the intelligence of neural networks? The journalists of talked to Edwin Perklin, the main developer of the Bitcoin Spawn arbitration bot, which for the first time combined smart contracts and neural networks in an automated service capable of doubling your BTC in just 7 days. You might find the most interesting questions and answers in this article.

— Edwin, tell us how you came to the world of cryptocurrencies?

In 1995, I got a degree in computer science at the University of Washington, and began my career with software development. Having gained experience, I opened a company for auditing the security of banking services. The success of the business allowed me to start working with bitcoin in 2011.

I started with Bitcoin mining, but over time I realized that mining is not that interesting to me, because it’s difficult, unprofitable and unlikely to stay with us for a long time. After 2 years, I started looking for more efficient ways to work with Bitcoin. I was looking for a technology that would allow me to generate more profit.

When Nick Szabo came up with the idea of smart contracts in 2014, I became interested in it. Not only because we studied at the same university, but also because smart contracts were the safest way to work with cryptocurrency.

— How did you plan to use smart contracts? Was it related to Bitcoin Spawn?

Yes. In 2016, I developed the concept of Bitcoin Spawn, a BTC arbitration bot based on smart contracts that runs without human intervention. The bot analyzes the cost of bitcoin on various exchanges and, thanks to the spread and large volumes, makes a profit by buying a BTC at one exchange and selling it at another.

At that time there were no advanced neural networks, so the smart contract was entirely responsible for arbitration. It automatically scanned cryptocurrency exchanges, rechecked prices and placed buy/sell orders. Back then Bitcoin Spawn worked in test mode and I would  give all the profits to myself. In total, it turned out to be 40% per month when investing in BTC.

In 2016, the choice of exchanges for arbitration was small (Coinbase, Bitfinex and Bitstamp), but over time their number increased, there were more and more liquidity failures, which means there were more and more opportunities for earnings. Then I realized that one smart contract is not enough - you can earn more if you add a neural network to Bitcoin Spawn.

— Now Bitcoin Spawn allows one to earn 100% per week. All thanks to the neural network?

Yes. In 2019, I came across a curious study called "Stock Market Prediction Using LSTM Recurrent Neural Network» in Science Direct magazine. It described the principles of short-term forecasting of stock prices using neural networks. The researchers came to the conclusion that with the help of neural network forecasts, it’s possible to increase the return on investment by 36%!

Then I understood: "If neural networks predict the Forex market so well, why not use this opportunity when investing in the cryptocurrency market?".

I decided to create my own neural network that would work to collect big data and predict possible price deviations on different exchanges so that Bitcoin Spawn smart contracts "know" in advance where the price will go.

By trial and error, in 2021 I developed my own Bitcoin-ML neural network, which has been trained on billions of transactions since 2019 and is now integrated into the Bitcoin Spawn bot. At the moment, it uses big data to recognize the difference in prices between 25 exchanges. Forecasts turn out to be correct in 98% of cases.

Working together with smart contacts, Bitcoin-ML allows one to earn 100% in BTC in 7 days. In fact, it allows to double one’s BTC in just 1 week.

— How secure is Bitcoin Spawn?

I built a business in the field of financial security, so the security of funds on users' balance sheets was paramount. That's why I used automated smart contracts.

Due to the fact that everything works without human participation, the possibility of errors and loopholes for intruders is excluded. It's simple: the Bitcoin-ML neural network forecasting system uses mathematical formulas to calculate profitable trading pairs, and the smart trading system accurately determines the price difference between exchanges, making profitable transactions and withdrawing funds to the users' balance.

— In a nutshell, why has Bitcoin Spawn aroused such interest among the crypto community?

I have already found the answer for myself: Bitcoin Spawn is the easiest way to make money on BTC arbitration in just 1 week. The bot is fully automatic and does not require human participation. Elementary: invest BTC, wait for 1 week, get X2 BTC.

Bitcoin Spawn has a very great potential and I am sure that in the coming years the bot will grow from a simple service for doubling BTC in a week into a large ecosystem. I am sure that technologies like Bitcoin Spawn will become the basis for a new financial system and the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

The full version of the interview will be available on the official website of Bitcoin Spawn. There you can also learn more about the principles of the bot and try to double your Bitcoin starting from just 0.0001 BTC.


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