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Meta Plus Token (MTS)
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BlackCardCoin (BCCOIN)
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22 Apr 2024

3 noteworthy events added to CoinMarketCal on April 22nd night edition

3 noteworthy events added to CoinMarketCal on April 22nd night edition

Meta Plus Token (MTS) - BingX Listing - 23 Apr 2024

The listing of Meta Plus Token (MTS) on BingX can be a big moment. When a new digital currency is added to a trading platform, it might become more valuable. Starting from April 23, 2024, people can trade MTS with US dollars or 'USDT.' Sometimes, the price might go up because more people notice the new option and decide to buy. Investors will be watching to see if the price shoots up after the listing. For more info, check here.

BlackCardCoin (BCCOIN) - XT.COM Listing - 24 Apr 2024

On April 24, 2024, BlackCardCoin (BCCOIN) will be listed on XT.COM. A listing event is often seen as an opportunity for a cryptocurrency to gain more attention and potentially increase in price. Traders might expect higher trading volumes which could lead to bigger price swings as people buy and sell BCCOIN. The new BCCOIN/USDT pair will start trading in XT.COM's Main Zone, which could attract more traders. Details are available on the official XT exchange Twitter. (BWLD) - MEXC Listing - 22 Apr 2024

Listing of (BWLD) on MEXC is set for April 22, 2024. Listings are significant as they often lead to higher visibility in the market, possibly affecting the crypto price positively., which is part of sports, gaming, and blockchain industries, will use this listing to reach more potential investors and users. The MX token will have a role in the voting for's airdrops, which can increase interaction with the token. More details about this event can be found through this MEXC Official tweet.

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