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LimeWire (LMWR)
LimeWire (LMWR)
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Taiko (TAIKO)
Taiko (TAIKO)
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Zignaly (ZIG)
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01 Jul 2024

3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #292

Hello everyone!

Last week, Bitcoin traded in a 7.8% range before closing near $62,675—about 0.8% lower than the week's opening price.

The altcoin marketcap dropped with Bitcoin, falling from $1.07 trillion to $1.05 trillion.

Keep an eye on these three coins with upcoming events as BTC bulls attempt a rally from Q2's range low.

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LimeWire (LMWR)

LimeWire (LMWR)

$0.358209 (3.37 %)
฿0.00000570 (1.08 %)

Market Cap
$103 688 215
฿1 649.21

Volume (24h)
$4 342 777

679 711 935 (Max)
289 575 389 (Available)

LMWR fell 83% from its April high to sweep February's low.

The price is consolidating near February's low at $0.3613 after recently struggling to go higher. Under June 24th's sweep of bears' stops at $0.4560, June 26th formed a bearish daily gap at $0.4109. This level could offer resistance during a retest. 

If the price breaks through this potential resistance, it might move to bears' stops above June 24th's swing high at $0.4795. Above this high, there is no apparent higher-timeframe resistance until May 27th's bearish weekly gap at $0.5440

Before the price potentially retests this level, bears may sweep bulls' stops under June 22nd's daily swing low at $0.3292. Traders "selling the news" of the token burn could help accelerate this potential move.

A move this low might continue to June 20th's swing low at $0.2981, reaching possible support at $0.2907. This level marks the high of December 23rd's bullish daily gap.

Under this gap, bulls' stops at December 18th's weekly swing low may draw the price lower. This swing low also marks the high of November's bullish monthly gap, which could offer a broad area of possible support. Inside and near the bottom of this monthly gap, October 30th's bullish weekly gap might provide more sensitivity.

Taiko (TAIKO)

Taiko (TAIKO)

$2.31 (22.28 %)
฿0.00003679 (19.56 %)

Market Cap
$145 533 248
฿2 315.29

Volume (24h)
$26 602 628

1 000 000 000 (Max)
63 096 212 (Available)

TAIKO created a robust bullish impulse from its low yesterday, sweeping bears' stops above June 20th's daily swing high at $2.2511 as it charges toward more bears' stops above relatively equal four-hour highs near $2.5090.

The current level, near $2.3032, could offer resistance. A bearish four-hour gap formed at this price after bears distributed on June 16th. The low of this distribution at $2.3657 might provide strong resistance.

If traders sell with today's release, the price may search for support near $2.2511. A four-hour bullish gap will likely form at this level, which is also June 20th's swing high.

A failure of support at this level could lead to a drop lower to $2.1279, June 28th's swing high. The likely-developing four-hour and daily bullish gaps would contain this level.

If the rally resumes, bulls will likely attack bears' stops above the relatively equal highs near $2.5090. This move might continue into possible resistance near $2.5844, where a bearish four-hour gap formed on June 7th.

Zignaly (ZIG)

Zignaly (ZIG)

$0.125735 (10.32 %)
฿0.00000200 (7.87 %)

Market Cap
$179 449 592
฿2 854.26

Volume (24h)
$17 802 206

1 968 389 196 (Max)
1 423 389 196 (Available)

Late last week, ZIG's price exploded 71% upward to sweep its Q2 range highs.

If today's AMA brings exciting news for bulls, the price may find support near $0.1220, at the high of a bullish gap formed on June 30th. This level will likely have confluence with a developing bullish daily gap that will be confirmed if today's (Monday) low remains above Saturday's high at $0.1159. 

A failure of this support could suggest that the price will return within its three-month range to continue consolidation.

Inside this range, June 29th formed a bullish daily gap at $0.1078, which confluences with May 20th's bearish weekly rejection at $0.1084. This level might offer support, with more robust support possible near the bottom of the daily gap and June 6th's swing high at $0.1042. 

However, if the closest support holds, there is no apparent higher-timeframe resistance above. The upper quadrant of January 4th's long daily wick near $0.1330 may see some profit-taking. Above this quadrant, more profit-taking could happen near the all-time high at $0.1400.

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