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Technical Analyst
MyWish (WISH)
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WISH/TRX Smart Contracts

"We are going to allow the creation of the Token contract on the TRON blockchain on the 1st of January 2019, stay tuned."

Added 20 December 2018

Over the weekend, Tron founder Justin Sun announced a loan platform called Djed that is nearly identical to MakerDAO but built on Tron. Similar to its predecessor, Djed will be creating a crypto-backed stablecoin through the opening of a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP). The protocol will also foc...
Members of the Steem community have planned to launch a new network, called Hive, this Friday to act as an alternative to the embattled Steem blockchain. As a fork of its Steem predecessor, Hive will airdrop its native HIVE tokens (as well as Hive Dollars) to all existing Steem accounts; all except ...
11 November 2019
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #55
During the last two weeks, Bitcoin retested the previous support of the summer's distribution zone. Last week, the 9.65% drop confirmed this as a failed retest, and the price continues to bleed downwards gradually. Instead of dropping along with Bitcoin, the altcoin marketcap is continuing to hold steady around $80 billion...
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