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Blockchain Gaming Summit

2019 U.S.-China Blockchain Gaming Investment Summit in San Francisco from 12:45 PM - 5 PM.

Added 01 November 2019

04 November 2019
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #54
Bitcoin's surprise volatility in late October failed to continue over the last week as the price drifted in a paltry 9.7% range. So far, it looks like it may be a failed retest of previous support. The altcoin marketcap shows little signs of life and hold relatively steady around $80 billion. The price is forming a descend...
09 September 2019
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #46
Bitcoin continues to trudge along in a relatively small ~12% range as it paints a descending triangle on the daily. When the price rises into this pattern (as it did), the odds of an upward breakout increase. However, the triangle does not close for a few more weeks, which means that the market may continue to stagnate whi...
19 August 2019
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #43
Last week saw a 17.51% drop in Bitcoin's price as it continues to chop through its range just above the .618 Fibonacci retracement. It's still unclear whether this is a distribution that will lead to a drop, or whether a bull flag is forming to assault 2017's highs.  Meanwhile, the altcoin marketcap continues to stead...

3 coins to keep an eye on 👀