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TruffleCon 2019

TruffleCon at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, WA from August 2-4.

Added 27 June 2019

The killer feature of cryptoassets is that anyone from anywhere in the world can participate or invest. The open nature of crypto networks has largely removed barriers that restricted early-stage investing to institutional investors like hedge funds or venture funds and allowed anyone to participate...
13 August 2020
The Current State of YAM
Three days after the launch of YAM, a bug in the rebasing contract has minted far more YAM than intended and has permanently disrupted the governance module. This bug flooded the protocol reserve during the second scheduled rebase, and given Yam’s governance model, it has made it impossible to reach...
The oracle problem is one of the most well known problems in crypto. How do blockchains bridge the gap between the on and off-chain worlds? In theory oracles will occupy a critical role in sending and receiving data between smart contracts and the real world. However, while the need is clear, the ad...

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