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Teamz Blockchain Summit

TeamZ Blockchain Summit in Tokyo.

Added 17 February 2020

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A relatively new research report that examines the on-chain traffic of the EOS, Tezos, and XRPL networks has gained some attention due to a recently released article from Decrypt. While the study states each chain is capable of supporting a high transaction throughput, it determined that only a smal...
MoneyGram, a publicly-traded payments company, disclosed in their quarterly financial statements that they received $16.6 million in XRP from Ripple as part of their incentives for using their RippleNet solution. According to The Block, this was more than the combined $11.3 million they received in ...
Ripple has historically distributed the XRP in its treasury through two channels: programmatic and institutional direct. Programmatic refers to XRP sales done through exchanges. Institutional Direct refers to XRP sales done over-the-counter (OTC) to strategic partners. Until Q3’19 Ripple performed ...

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