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Southeast Asia DeFi Week

"Starting June 1st, you will be learning 5 different DeFi technologies over 5 days, what they are, how are they different and..."

Added 01 June 2020

ConsenSys released a quarterly report showing the growth of DeFi super users – those who have made at least 100 transactions on DeFi protocols in the quarter. The report breaks down how the biggest users are interacting with the DeFi ecosystem: - Uniswap leads the way with 1,625 super users (includ...
After hinting at Credit Delegation on July 4, Today Aave CEO announced native Credit Delegation, whereby Aave depositors can delegate their credit lines. The way it works is a depositor can supply assets like USDT to Aave just like they normally would; however, instead of drawing upon their depos...
Kyber, one of the most active decentralized exchanges by volume, went live with a major protocol upgrade dubbed “Katalyst,” which introduces a number of major changes to the token economics of KNC. The native token will now be staked in the KyberDAO to make various changes to network parameters. Tok...

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