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Joint Meetup

"On July 13, we will co-host a meetup with Maker DAO and Digix Global in Seoul, South Korea.

Added 02 July 2019

After millions of dollars worth of ETH collateral was auctioned off for free during Black Thursday's failures, one user is suing the foundation for $28.3 million accusing them of negligent and intentional misrepresentation of the risks of using the protocol. Users were led to believe the maximum los...
In the weekly governance call, CEO of the Maker Foundation Rune Christensen presented the Self-Sustaining MakerDAO Initiative that would result in the dissolution of the Maker Foundation, the key entity leading development and governance of MakerDAO. As part of the new Governance Paradigm, Rune disc...
Last week, a rapid price decline coinciding with congestion on the Ethereum network led to ETH collateral being sold for free and a $4 million shortfall on MakerDAO. In order to bring the system back to a healthy state, MKR will be created and auctioned off to make up for the lost collateral value. ...

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