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13 April 2018 (or earlier)

EUSD on HAV Network

The full launch of eUSD is coming next week and release of a tool that will simplify the process of converting ETH into eUSD and vice versa.

Added 08 April 2018

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31 August 2020
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #93
The market's mood may have been more volatile than Bitcoin's price this week as it trapped bears near the bottom of its 6.48% range before climbing to $11,709, a mere $55 above the weekly open at $11,654. The altcoin marketcap dipped alongside BTC, from $151 billion to as low as $145 billion before ending the week higher a...
13 August 2020
The Current State of YAM
Three days after the launch of YAM, a bug in the rebasing contract has minted far more YAM than intended and has permanently disrupted the governance module. This bug flooded the protocol reserve during the second scheduled rebase, and given Yam’s governance model, it has made it impossible to reach...
This report is part of a weekly series where we explore and evaluate the fundamentals of Open Finance. You can view prior reports here. If you’ve been following crypto over the past year, you’ve likely seen this chart measuring the amount of value locked in DeFi. Since most applications require cap...
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3 coins to keep an eye on 👀