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Ethereal NY

Ethereal conference will take place in New York from May 11-12.

Added 16 April 2018

With the markets running hot, crypto exchange listings have seemingly become a catalyst for price movements. It’s almost 2017 all over again. The trend is readily apparent when looking at Coinbase’s most recent additions. Nearly every new listing has seen a substantial boost in price on the day Coi...
The killer feature of cryptoassets is that anyone from anywhere in the world can participate or invest. The open nature of crypto networks has largely removed barriers that restricted early-stage investing to institutional investors like hedge funds or venture funds and allowed anyone to participate...
13 August 2020
The Current State of YAM
Three days after the launch of YAM, a bug in the rebasing contract has minted far more YAM than intended and has permanently disrupted the governance module. This bug flooded the protocol reserve during the second scheduled rebase, and given Yam’s governance model, it has made it impossible to reach...

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