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Developer conference for Ethereum dapps and infrastructure at the Technical University of Berlin from August 21-23.

Added 21 June 2019

Today the SEC announced a settlement with token issuer Enigma MPC over its $45 million ICO. As part of the settlement, Enigma has agreed to return funds to harmed investors via a claims process and register the tokens as securities. Enigma will also be required to file periodic reports with the SEC ...
ConsenSys-backed media outfit Decrypt recently tracked and analyzed the on-chain actions of over 130,000 Ethereum Name Service (ENS) accounts. ENS allows users to replace their alphanumeric Ethereum addresses with a name, similar to how "email addresses [once] replaced clunky pieces of code." But th...
Opyn, previously a leverage platform that has since pivoted to insurance has launched on mainnet. By building on top of a generalized options protocol called the Convexity Protocol, Opyn has created an insurance contract for Compound deposits. It works by creating tokenized put options known as oTok...

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