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"The next Zeal Community Call will take place Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 1 pm EST."

Added 21 February 2020

Today the Electric Coin Company shared that Zcash’s upcoming Heartwood upgrade will activate on mainnet at block height 903,000, which is expected to occur in mid-July. The Heartwood release will deploy ZIP 221 and ZIP 250, which improve interoperability through Flyclient support and give miners the...
Today research organization RAND released a study on Zcash’s use for illicit or criminal purposes. The 65 page report found that despite Zcash’s enhanced privacy, there is little evidence of large-scale use for money laundering, terrorist financing, or illicit trade. Zcash only has a minor presence ...
03 February 2020
Decentralizing Zcash
“All networks that claim they will ‘decentralize governance later,’ will have to walk a similar path to the one Zcash’s been walking.” – Chris Burniske Funding public goods is hard. Funding an open-source zero-knowledge proof cryptocurrency is even harder. This is the new spin on the classic common...
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