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CIBTC Blockchain Summit

CIBTC Blockchain Summit at the Motril Conference Center from March 20 - 21.

Added 30 January 2020

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The discussion around cryptocurrencies’ potential to become non-sovereign stores of value is often contained to just Bitcoin. This is unsurprising as Bitcoin is the most mature cryptocurrency and the one most explicitly aimed at the non-sovereign store of value use case. Bitcoin’s “Digital Gold” mon...
Early today a Bitcoin UTXO more than 11 years old was spent on-chain. The coins were first mined on February 9, 2009, just one month after Bitcoin was launched. According to CoinMetrics engineer Antoine Le Calvez, the transaction marked the first time since August 2017 that someone spent coins datin...
TokenSoft, a security token issuance and platform, has used its own product to distribute equity to investors from its $4 million seed round raised almost two years ago. The company issued the tokenize shares on Ethereum using the ERC-1404 standard, which allows issuers to restrict certain transfer ...

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