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"BUIDL ASIA 2019's mission is to focus on what is actually being built in the blockchain industry - whether it is a protocol, product..."

Added 19 July 2019

W3BCLOUD, a joint venture between Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and ConsenSys, announced that it has completed its initial close of $20.5M in convertible notes. The joint venture aims to build out its first line of Ethereum data centers. Why it matters: - AMD’s computing and graphics segment, which ...
ETHE now trades at $91.33 and is down 53% since June 18th. From its $239.50 all time high reached June 4th, ETHE is down 61%. The ETHE premium to NAV has dropped down to ~380% from ~790% on June 18th and ~950% on June 4th. The premium collapse illustrates that the ETHE price drop is a product of inv...
Yesterday the Cosmos team and professional validator Figment Networks shared details on Stargate, the next major Cosmos network upgrade. Stargate will introduce the most extensive set of Cosmos changes to date, including new interoperability features and various performance improvements. The headli...

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