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BlockchainUA 2019

BlockchainUA 2019 in Kyiv.

Added 16 August 2019

Opyn, previously a leverage platform that has since pivoted to insurance has launched on mainnet. By building on top of a generalized options protocol called the Convexity Protocol, Opyn has created an insurance contract for Compound deposits. It works by creating tokenized put options known as oTok...
This report is part of a weekly series where we explore and evaluate the fundamentals of Open Finance. You can view prior reports here. If you’ve been following crypto over the past year, you’ve likely seen this chart measuring the amount of value locked in DeFi. Since most applications require cap...
Ethereum research organization Plasma Group opted to shut down just one year after opening up shop. The group operated as a non-profit research outfit focused on building open-source solutions that could help scale Ethereum. Despite several successful efforts in scalability, such as the popular Opti...

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