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Ama with CEO

"Tune in to our Youtube channel for an AMA with CEO Mick Hagen and VP of Engineering Sarah Wiley next Wednesday, July 3."

Added 29 June 2019

Mainframe has acquired Sablier, a “money streaming” protocol built on Ethereum. For Mainframe, this acquisition solidifies the protocol's pivot from a decentralized messaging platform to a DeFi service provider. Mainframe will leverage the Sablier protocol that allows for continuous payments on the ...
14 August 2018
3 coins to keep an eye on | Issue #3
This was a tough task! With Bitcoin teetering just above $6k, the alts market is pretty spooked. We're hearing about ICO projects panic dumping ETH as it plummets sub $300. This feels like at least like the beginning of capitulation if not the climax for some projects. When we're seeking entries, it's best to mix fundament...
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3 coins to keep an eye on 👀